bawal ang nakangiti rito

26 03 2006

went for an x-ray last friday in a clinic that conducts
examinations primarily for migration purposes and found out that
pictures submitted for visas should not show one's teeth. hilarious. i
laughed silently when i heard one of the staff say to a lady "ayy hindi
pwede to, labas ngipin mo" because i remembered one sign that used to
hang in my dad's office, it was a pic of a gorilla with a caption that
said "bawal ang nakasimangot dito." hehehehe. maybe migration officials
use pics as a gauge to determine how "serious" you are with your
migration plans.

anyway, if you're out of touch with what's happening to this country
and want to acquire a higher level of awareness, such a clinic would be
a good place to start. the day i went for my x-ray, there were almost a
dozen families waiting to have their
medical examination for their visas. and for most of the families,
usually only the father will be working, meaning, the rest of his
family will go there as dependents. tsk, tsk. anyway, at
least they'll all be together. one of my professors in college said
that working abroad was one of the main causes of broken families in
this country.


afterwards i went to UP to have my diploma translated. and i had a
thought while i was lining up to pay the fees under the blistering
heat… ang pagpila (sa konteksto ng UP) ay isang "great equalizer."
dahil que se hodang may kotse ka, que se hodang mayaman ka, que se
hodang may PhD ka na, que se hodang summa cum laude ka, que se hodang
university valedictorian ka, que se hodang mamahalin ang deodorant na
gamit mo at nangangakong hindi ka magiging baskil (BASang KILikili),
que se hodang pumayat ka na at nagpa-rebond ka, kung may kailangan kang
documentitos sa peyups…PIPILA KA PA RIN! ever! hardeharhar.

and newsflash, the ikot fare now amounts to… (are you ready?)…
tan tan nanan 6.50 a pop! whew. the cheapest ikot fare i ever rode on
2.25, that was way back in 1998. i wonder how i would have managed with my then allowance with the fare prices now.

but it was good to be back in UP, it might be a long time before i go back there again.


what do you know, this blog is slowly becoming an
account of the adventures i get involved in while preparing to fly to
that faraway
land. so if that plan goes awry, it'll be immediately broadcasted to
all of you. if that happens, don't feel too sorry for me 
alright? hehehe.




One response

27 03 2006

yun lang! ang passport ko, labas ngipin ko, complete with my madonna gap! tinanggap naman nila. as if. baka new rule yun, pagkatapos ko dun sa clinic na un, pinagbawal na. OR, did you check that person’s teeth? baka naman kasi bulok bulok na kaya ipinagbawal sya. bwaharhar.

6.50? pakshet! di ko ma-take. math building pa ko lagi ha.

nung pumila ako sa OUR at nagpabalik-balik papuntang PNB, CS, Math, OUR, SC, PNB, Bahay ng Alumni, PNB, OUR, CS, Math… hahaha… namiss ko ang Makati bigla. ew. customer service oriented kasi. ako pa magagalit pag pinagpila ako ng matagal. hehehe.

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