running [an] apartment

29 03 2006

i have been looking at a couple of real estate websites since last week. im telling you, browsing for apartments is addicting. well for me it is because i have always had this inclination towards interior design and looking for apartments is in a way, reinforcing that interest. during senior year in high school, ID was the primary course i wanted to take but now it's just in my list of "things to do before i die."
i find the idea of living independently generally appealing, (except for the dishwashing and bathroom-cleaning part) because i will experience all the consequences of even the smallest decision i will make. i hope i find a decent studio with its own laundry, because i don't think i will enjoy washing my laundry in front of strangers, besides, i am anal when it comes to laundry that i need to soak the clothes 30 minutes prior to the actual washing. i don't want to make enemies out of my neighbors just because i take too long to finish my laundry.


faye showed me something that increased the odds of this plan pushing through so now i'm writing comfortably about it.


freedom day for me is on the 28th of April, that's less
than five weeks away.


finding this running website made my day. the site has information on places to run all over melbourne and the schedule of road races across the country. i am floored by the number of road races they hold, some even have different events every week! i wish the philippines would have a running subculture as alive and dedicated as this.




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