20 04 2006

The contract for the new adventure in the land of kangaroos has arrived in the mail. It came with a mousepad and two glass coasters. How lovely. I initially thought the coasters were mini mouse pads but then realized quickly that no mouse will fit them.

Earlier today a friend asked me how I feel right now, if I am experiencing any sadness, happines or anxiety. While contemplating his question I slowly began to realize that with the numerous things I need to do before I leave the company and, eventually Pinas, I don’t even have time to allow myself to go emo.

I thought I was going to spend my last days in the office in the same project but I was pulled out and transferred to another. And now I have a big deadline looming over my head. On top of fixing my bank account, credit card and mobile subcscription, organizing the company outing, looking for a decent apartment, researching on what laptop to get, and organizing mini-despedidas. I am actually losing sleep over them.

But I guess now would be the best time to practice what I learned in the only self-help book I let myself read. It says to simplify and prioritize things and not hold on to too much unessential burden. So now, whenever I find myself so tense and worried about all the things that need to be done, I just ask myself what it is I’m holding on to and if I really need to make matters complicated.

But I still don’t sleep well at night and I still worry that I won’t be able to finish everything on time hehehe.

Remember the boy with the erectile dysfunction? Well his behavior is much more manageable now. He’s one example of simplifying things and not letting unnecessary burdens get into me. Having him around was actually good for me because he kept me on my toes. So now I can say, I remember the boy but I don’t remember the feeling (of hate) anymore. And oh yeah, I got a phone call last sunday which also reminded me of this song. It’s amazing how much memories and emotions five months can erase from you.


Semana Santa

16 04 2006

The highlight of my semanta santa was our family's trip to Casa San Pablo in Laguna. That was where I wrote the article below. By my tone in the article, you could tell I turned off bitch mode completely and wrote like I was doing a review of the place for a Catholic publication hehehe.****

I am writing from Casa San Pablo, a bed and breakfast inn located in San Pablo City, Laguna. Three words come to my mind as I try to describe this place; charming, warm and rejuvenating. I could not have picked a better place for our family's trip. The place is owned and managed by Boots and An Alcantara.

mame and dade

Their welcome brochure emphasizes the goal of making guests feel as if they are their family's house guests. Since the only guests that time were me and my parents and brother, I think that goal was easily achieved.

All the rooms are tastefully and uniquely decorated. I marveled at the creativity of the owners, as even traditional flat irons (those used with hot coals) are used as decorative items.

me and kuya

me and kuya

We stayed at the "Hot Wheels' room where all of Boots' miniature toy cars are encased and displayed in shadow boxes, being aged until they can be sold as collectors' items. I chose to occupy the alcove whose walls are filled with framed mirrors to create the illusion of space. It has a tiny bed and a desk and on top of it is a loft.

salamin, salamin

Our package included three meals and so far both the lunch and dinner fare have left us happily stuffed and excitedly anticipating breakfast. We had good use of the outdoor patio where we spent the afternoon reading and gossiping (yes, even my father is addicted to chismisan!) had coffee and tea after dinner. The hammocks were successful tools of chismisan and the full moon wasn't so bad either.

dad reading

mom looking up 

The place and the people have enough charm, beauty and hospitality that even my critical father already gave his praises of the place only a couple of hours after arriving. In every place I go to, I try to look at the people in them as characters who can teach me things, entertain me or share a part of their lives with me. In this place, my favorite character was Mama Vinya, Boots' mom. She is still feisty at 70 and I love the way she says "cajera", "estupida" and "familia", all in one breath. When I grow up I want to be just like her.

ka-churros-an sa semana santa

14 04 2006

Ealier this week Nan and I met up for lunch and coffee in Megamall. I stayed with Nan and her wonderful family for a week last November when I went to Dumaguete where I had one of the best times of my life. =) Aileen joined us for lunch but she had to go back to work so it was just me and Nani for most of the day.

I decided to bring Nan to Cafe' Xocolat where we had their churros with the heavenly chocolate dip. As it was Holy Week, most of our conversation revolved around the Catholic rituals our families practice during this time.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are the family get-togethers during semana santa. Every year we would pick one house (it was usually our house, in Tanay) where all the families stay from maundy thursday 'til black saturday. To cap the semana, we would often go swimming on black saturday.

When Lola Babeng (my maternal grandmother) was still alive and sharp, none of us kids were allowed to play and be rowdy before black saturday. On good friday, we had to take baths before 3pm because after that time (time at which Christ died), no one was allowed to talk loudly, everybody had to be quiet as it was, according to my Lola, a time to mourn. No playing was allowed because we might get hurt and Lola said wounds acquired during semana santa heal longer. We also go to church in the afternoons and at night after dinner, wearing pambahay clothes and tsinelas, us kids together with our parents would walk to the church in the plaza to do the stations of the cross. The crazy kids that we were, we would often pack bottles of holy water in empty lotion/shampoo bottles to use as weapons against manananggals we imagined were lurking in the coconut trees lining the way to the church. After doing the stations of the cross, if we had enough change, we would buy a couple of bowls of tokwa't baboy and goto and share them.

Wonderful, wonderful times.

But now, well you know the story. Good times like this become hard to get by once all the kids grow up and start lives of their own. Now we just use this time to stay at home and vegetate, especially since we have the gilmore girls and 7th heaven marathons to keep us entertained. And manananggals have become tired of chilling on coconut trees.

Maybe things will start looking up again once me and my cousins all have kids of our own. Maybe I should start by regaling my nieces and nephews with aswang stories.

punks not dead! and migs was here! – migs

9 04 2006

On my list of things to do before I leave for Aus is to watch Paramita live and last Saturday I was finally able to do so during the NU 107 Summer Shebang over at Tiendesitas. I saw them with Net, Rose (who has generously volunteered to accompany me to Cubao when I do my ukay shopping for winter clothes) and my high school friend Grettel.

Of course, since Tiendesitas was also one my favorite shopping havens, I couldn't resist buying these. Got the scarf and the two fabulous Cebu-made necklaces for only 300 pesos. Nothing beats treasure hunt shopping.

Before heading to the free concert, we dropped by the dog show inside the activity center and got to meet this very cute baby named Miggy. I'm sure that "bleh" face is directed to the boy with the erectile dysfunction. Thanks for empathizing with me Migs.


That afternoon, we also got to try a place for chocolate addicts like Net. I first read about Cafe Xocolat at Preview magazine. And since we were already in Megamall and I'm a shameless foodie, I decided to take Net and the others there. I had the vanilla mudslide (I think) and some churros and Net had their signature Taza de Xocolat. Were they good? Well let's just say that going to this place should be on your list of things to do before you die.

you suck

7 04 2006

i need to vent.

i have never in my entire life as an events organizer encountered anyone as self-absorbed, paranoid, insensitive and anal-retentive as this prick i am dealing with for our company’s summer outing. i have been doing this for a long time and i have never heard anyone say that his motivation in making the event successful is the fact that HIS name is at stake. my mind cannot come up with any logical explanation for this kind of thinking. just because YOU sent the initial teaser, that automatically puts your name at stake? i always thought that when you organize events (for no fee), especially when they’re for people you care about, your main concern should be that they have the time of their lives during the event.

if he should ever read this i would like to tell him that:

yes, you are a prick.

yes, you are self-absorbed.

yes, you do not really care about what will happen to the people who’s going to attend the event.

yes, you are causing me unnecessary stress.

yes, you are taking the FUN element out of this organizing thing.

and yes, recruiting you was the worst mistake i have ever done in my entire career (if i can call it that) as an organizer.

and yes, in times of lucid intervals, the only explanation i can think of for your behavior is composed of two words.


Rodic’s Running

5 04 2006

Yesterday i was finally able to get up at 5am and run in the streets again. As usual, cement gives me a different kind of post-run aches that makes running on the treadmill seem like running on a carpet.

To reward myself for having the determination to get up at 5 and the courage to run in the dark, I had a hearty lunch at Rodic's in Salcedo Village. Rodic's provides the UP Diliman staple tapsilog, I do not know any UPD grad who has never eaten at Rodic's. The Salcedo branch is like the Diliman branch in a lot of ways, same cramped space, same delicious tapsilog, same screaming waitresses, same shirtless male cooks, same aroma and same lamon-now-pay-later payment scheme. The only difference is that the customers are wearing slacks, polos and skirts instead of jeans and sneakers and they are lugging leather bags instead of backpacks. On the right side of the place there is a wall mural of UP Diliman, created by the great Larry Alcala. I wanted to have my picture taken beside it but the place was so packed that it made finding a good spot to take the picture from impossible.


Each day the number of things i will be leaving behind is growing and there are times during the day that sadness hits me. i am trying not to let the fears and anxiety get to me. if things go well, i will be uprooting myself and starting over in a new place in a few weeks' time. I am focusing on the good things it will bring; new adventure, new environment, new people to meet. 

this is one more event i will have to miss. my friends here in the office who also run are now starting to register and train for it.

interesting discovery

1 04 2006

I didn't know there was a filipino record holder in the field of football. He was born in Iloilo to a Spanish dad and a Filipino mom. He is, to this day, the leading goalscorer for FC Barcelona . 374 out of 375 games. Amazing. Read more about him here. His grandson, who is a freestyler, did a video as a tribute to him, view it here.