Rodic’s Running

5 04 2006

Yesterday i was finally able to get up at 5am and run in the streets again. As usual, cement gives me a different kind of post-run aches that makes running on the treadmill seem like running on a carpet.

To reward myself for having the determination to get up at 5 and the courage to run in the dark, I had a hearty lunch at Rodic's in Salcedo Village. Rodic's provides the UP Diliman staple tapsilog, I do not know any UPD grad who has never eaten at Rodic's. The Salcedo branch is like the Diliman branch in a lot of ways, same cramped space, same delicious tapsilog, same screaming waitresses, same shirtless male cooks, same aroma and same lamon-now-pay-later payment scheme. The only difference is that the customers are wearing slacks, polos and skirts instead of jeans and sneakers and they are lugging leather bags instead of backpacks. On the right side of the place there is a wall mural of UP Diliman, created by the great Larry Alcala. I wanted to have my picture taken beside it but the place was so packed that it made finding a good spot to take the picture from impossible.


Each day the number of things i will be leaving behind is growing and there are times during the day that sadness hits me. i am trying not to let the fears and anxiety get to me. if things go well, i will be uprooting myself and starting over in a new place in a few weeks' time. I am focusing on the good things it will bring; new adventure, new environment, new people to meet. 

this is one more event i will have to miss. my friends here in the office who also run are now starting to register and train for it.




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