you suck

7 04 2006

i need to vent.

i have never in my entire life as an events organizer encountered anyone as self-absorbed, paranoid, insensitive and anal-retentive as this prick i am dealing with for our company’s summer outing. i have been doing this for a long time and i have never heard anyone say that his motivation in making the event successful is the fact that HIS name is at stake. my mind cannot come up with any logical explanation for this kind of thinking. just because YOU sent the initial teaser, that automatically puts your name at stake? i always thought that when you organize events (for no fee), especially when they’re for people you care about, your main concern should be that they have the time of their lives during the event.

if he should ever read this i would like to tell him that:

yes, you are a prick.

yes, you are self-absorbed.

yes, you do not really care about what will happen to the people who’s going to attend the event.

yes, you are causing me unnecessary stress.

yes, you are taking the FUN element out of this organizing thing.

and yes, recruiting you was the worst mistake i have ever done in my entire career (if i can call it that) as an organizer.

and yes, in times of lucid intervals, the only explanation i can think of for your behavior is composed of two words.





3 responses

7 04 2006

Porsh!!! May blog ka na pala. Di ko pa rin nagagawa yung Malaria thing. 😀 Hehe.

Iiwan mo na kami, ganon?? Hehe. 🙂 Magkasama naman kayo siguro ni Faye dabah???

10 04 2006

yo gerry!!! yep meron na, visit it all the time ha. yep magkakasama kami dun KUNG matuloy ako. bisitahin mo na lang kame hehehe.

19 04 2006

grabe, malapit ka na nga umalis. wala na ako kakulitan sa mga usapang walang kakuwenta kuwenta. ung mga usapang wala nang connection sa main topic. 😦 nakakamiss, ang mga beads at mga bracelets and ung mga tsinelas na nagpayaman sa atin…utang ko sa mga bracelets na yan ang aking kayamanan..hahaha

sige! 🙂

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