punks not dead! and migs was here! – migs

9 04 2006

On my list of things to do before I leave for Aus is to watch Paramita live and last Saturday I was finally able to do so during the NU 107 Summer Shebang over at Tiendesitas. I saw them with Net, Rose (who has generously volunteered to accompany me to Cubao when I do my ukay shopping for winter clothes) and my high school friend Grettel.

Of course, since Tiendesitas was also one my favorite shopping havens, I couldn't resist buying these. Got the scarf and the two fabulous Cebu-made necklaces for only 300 pesos. Nothing beats treasure hunt shopping.

Before heading to the free concert, we dropped by the dog show inside the activity center and got to meet this very cute baby named Miggy. I'm sure that "bleh" face is directed to the boy with the erectile dysfunction. Thanks for empathizing with me Migs.


That afternoon, we also got to try a place for chocolate addicts like Net. I first read about Cafe Xocolat at Preview magazine. And since we were already in Megamall and I'm a shameless foodie, I decided to take Net and the others there. I had the vanilla mudslide (I think) and some churros and Net had their signature Taza de Xocolat. Were they good? Well let's just say that going to this place should be on your list of things to do before you die.




4 responses

10 04 2006

Hi Porsha! Dropping by! (and that wasn’t punk, that was noise!:) long live pop! hahaha!)

10 04 2006

awww you’re shopping for aussie na! 😦 pero nice necklaces ha! landi! i miss tiendesitas na din tuloy! 🙂 *hug*

10 04 2006

Porsha!!!! Penge pictures ni Ria!!!!

Oi rose, noise lang yan sa matatanda! hahaha =p
^-^ peace man 🙂

10 04 2006

rose: thanks for dropping by, dude when we were younger, that used to be music not noise hehe. let’s go ukay shopping!

tala: if things work well, tiendesitas will be one of the things i’m going to miss most too hehe.

tonet: sige bigyan kita pics next week =P

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