Semana Santa

16 04 2006

The highlight of my semanta santa was our family's trip to Casa San Pablo in Laguna. That was where I wrote the article below. By my tone in the article, you could tell I turned off bitch mode completely and wrote like I was doing a review of the place for a Catholic publication hehehe.****

I am writing from Casa San Pablo, a bed and breakfast inn located in San Pablo City, Laguna. Three words come to my mind as I try to describe this place; charming, warm and rejuvenating. I could not have picked a better place for our family's trip. The place is owned and managed by Boots and An Alcantara.

mame and dade

Their welcome brochure emphasizes the goal of making guests feel as if they are their family's house guests. Since the only guests that time were me and my parents and brother, I think that goal was easily achieved.

All the rooms are tastefully and uniquely decorated. I marveled at the creativity of the owners, as even traditional flat irons (those used with hot coals) are used as decorative items.

me and kuya

me and kuya

We stayed at the "Hot Wheels' room where all of Boots' miniature toy cars are encased and displayed in shadow boxes, being aged until they can be sold as collectors' items. I chose to occupy the alcove whose walls are filled with framed mirrors to create the illusion of space. It has a tiny bed and a desk and on top of it is a loft.

salamin, salamin

Our package included three meals and so far both the lunch and dinner fare have left us happily stuffed and excitedly anticipating breakfast. We had good use of the outdoor patio where we spent the afternoon reading and gossiping (yes, even my father is addicted to chismisan!) had coffee and tea after dinner. The hammocks were successful tools of chismisan and the full moon wasn't so bad either.

dad reading

mom looking up 

The place and the people have enough charm, beauty and hospitality that even my critical father already gave his praises of the place only a couple of hours after arriving. In every place I go to, I try to look at the people in them as characters who can teach me things, entertain me or share a part of their lives with me. In this place, my favorite character was Mama Vinya, Boots' mom. She is still feisty at 70 and I love the way she says "cajera", "estupida" and "familia", all in one breath. When I grow up I want to be just like her.




3 responses

23 04 2006

wow! daddy mo pala.. kapatid ni mitra? hihihi… cute ng mom and dad mo 🙂

5 05 2006

you have a real knack for taking photographs porsh…i admire your talent!

2 07 2006

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