20 04 2006

The contract for the new adventure in the land of kangaroos has arrived in the mail. It came with a mousepad and two glass coasters. How lovely. I initially thought the coasters were mini mouse pads but then realized quickly that no mouse will fit them.

Earlier today a friend asked me how I feel right now, if I am experiencing any sadness, happines or anxiety. While contemplating his question I slowly began to realize that with the numerous things I need to do before I leave the company and, eventually Pinas, I don’t even have time to allow myself to go emo.

I thought I was going to spend my last days in the office in the same project but I was pulled out and transferred to another. And now I have a big deadline looming over my head. On top of fixing my bank account, credit card and mobile subcscription, organizing the company outing, looking for a decent apartment, researching on what laptop to get, and organizing mini-despedidas. I am actually losing sleep over them.

But I guess now would be the best time to practice what I learned in the only self-help book I let myself read. It says to simplify and prioritize things and not hold on to too much unessential burden. So now, whenever I find myself so tense and worried about all the things that need to be done, I just ask myself what it is I’m holding on to and if I really need to make matters complicated.

But I still don’t sleep well at night and I still worry that I won’t be able to finish everything on time hehehe.

Remember the boy with the erectile dysfunction? Well his behavior is much more manageable now. He’s one example of simplifying things and not letting unnecessary burdens get into me. Having him around was actually good for me because he kept me on my toes. So now I can say, I remember the boy but I don’t remember the feeling (of hate) anymore. And oh yeah, I got a phone call last sunday which also reminded me of this song. It’s amazing how much memories and emotions five months can erase from you.




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21 04 2006

porsh, relax lang! 🙂 you don’t have to try to do everything there. do the “official stuff” once you’re here. just have fun with what remaining time you have in the pinas (haha). go out with friends, hang out at your fave places, binge on pinoy food. you should “lose sleep” because of nights spent with people you love, not because you’re busy “preparing.”

ewan, ako nung umalis, wala kami masyadong inatupag. as in lahat ng maiisip namin, “ay, dun na lang!” di ba. at least hindi haggard. 🙂

25 04 2006
kuya mannix

as the cliche goes . . . just take it easy. you’re on towards a cool change.

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