mader goose

30 05 2006

Mom working

To prepare for my going to Aus, I am now teaching my Mom how to use the computer and use the internet to send emails. Nakakatawa ang nanay ko. During her "practice sessions", I ask her to write test emails to my account and the things that she puts on the test emails are "legitimate" content. In one email she wrote "HOW ARE YOU, IS IT COLD AND WINDY THERE?" Eh katabi n'ya kaya ako nung sinusulat n'ya 'yun. Tawa ako nang tawa. Gusto ko sana sagutin ng "oks naman dito, mainit, hindi cold and windy kase summer mommy, summer ngayon." Hahaha.

Uy! Maganda na pala ang playlist ng 94.7 mellow touch. Well sort of, they now play sarah mclachlan and dave matthews band pero they're still heavily into emo songs. Dati iniiwasan ko tong estayon na 'to. Pinatos ko siguro to kung nasa high school pa ako at mahilig pa magself pity at magsenti hehehe. Share ko lang, baka may kapwa akong semi-baduy na gusto i-check out. Go ahead. I won't tell a soul.


Mabisang Pangyayari

25 05 2006

The thing that's been hovering over my head like a black ugly hawk has finally flown away, the dark clouds that have been threatening to rain on this parade have finally disappeared. Forgive the drama. In lucid non-melodramatic terms, my working visa has finally been approved. After ten million years.

It wasn't the waiting that irked me because I certainly relished the precious weeks I got to spend with my family and beloved dogs, it was not knowing whether this adventure was going to happen or not that troubled me. Because I was raring to move on with my life. Of course the moving on would happen after the necessary sulking and self-pity due to having the visa disapproved but it didn't happen so anyway, after I told my parents the news my Mom cried over dinner. She tried but failed to hide her red and swollen eyes. My Dad asked her why she was crying and that's when she broke down and said she was sad because I was about to leave soon. Hahaha. By then I lost it and I was laughing so hard to hide my own tears. Hahaha ulet. I succeeded because no one noticed, and because I stood up quickly. Now I'm dreading the goodbye at the airport. Shwet.

I thought about this a lot before I made my decision but I still felt overwhelmed after I got the news on the visa. But maybe the key is not to overthink it. Maybe life-altering decisions need just enough pondering over and then you do them. Or else you'll be so scared of the intimidating and huge leaps they require that you'll be too paralyzed to accomplish anything with your life.


PUPPY NEWS: The critters are now walking and their eyes can already see clearly. They have turned into drama queens who cry at the littlest things. My Dad wants to name one of them WINDANG while I want to baptize the biggest drama queen among all five as PETUNIA. I will post pictures once I have our ancient digicam fixed. Windang is luckily not living up to his name and appears focused and smart.


18 05 2006

I didn't expect to fall in love with Dumaguete but this city is so homey and modern at the same time. It is so much like Manila because it has enough entertainment and dining options to keep your gimmick-hungry selves sated but it is better than Manila because it has less pollution, kinder people and a more laid-back atmosphere. It is where Silliman University and a couple of other Southern universities are located so the place is multi-cultural and has a dynamic and youthful vibe to it.


Beautiful beaches, lakes and magnificent falls are just an hour's ride from the city. There are the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes which used to be the crater of a now extinct volcano. You don't have to pay anything to swim in the cool waters and hike in the dense vegetation connecting the two lakes, life vests and cottages are even provided for the guests free of charge.

Forty minutes from the city is Kookoo's Nest beach. This bay with calm waters only has 5 cottages so there is no chance of overcrowding which makes a trip to the beach stressful. There is a buffet at night in the open-air dining hall where guests can mingle with the American owners and lounge before going to sleep. The night we were there, we were the only Filipino guests. The nipa huts range from 500 to 800 pesos while the buffet costs 250 pesos per person. These rates include the ride to the resort and back to the city. The snorkeling area is just several meters from the white sand shore so there is no need to rent a boat to go to another island.

If you're one who is heavily into hiking, you can walk all the way to Casaroro Falls from the main plaza of Valencia without paying the 100 peso fee for a habal-habal (motorcycle) ride. The old rusty bikes can fit four people, two sitting behind the driver and one in front. To get to Casaroro Falls, you will have to descend almost a hundred steps down and walk a good five minutes along a stream. The entrace fee is only 10 pesos.


Because I am a confessed foodie, dining options in a place is a major factor for me. The multi-cultural demographics in Dumaguete could have resulted to the myriad food choices in the city. But who wants to know the real reason anyway, my foodie soul certainly isn't complaining.

If you crave Persian cuisine, there is the Persian Palate restaurant on San Juan St. The food is superb and there are a lot of cute Iranian soccer boys hanging around, perfect for boy watching while you're waiting for your food. Incidentally, Silliman University records show that Iranian student comprise highest number of enrollees last year.

If you're a sucker for Italian food, you can go to Chicco's on Rizal Boulevard. It is a deli/restaurant which serves surprisingly affordable but definitely delicious pizza and pasta. By the way, did you know that Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete is named as such because it is said that Jose Rizal actually walked down the boulevard and spent time contemplating there before going to Dapitan?

If you had too much to eat from the different restaurant peppering Rizal Blvd, post-dinner coffee or tea can be taken at Memento Cafe. The place is owned by an artist so the cafe' interiors is lined with stunning photographs and quirky stuff. The ambience is perfect for smoking a couple or a whole pack of cigs and hanging out. They also offer a mean dumaguete sling. The only disadvantage is that they close at 10pm. So sad.

A night out in Dumaguete can set you back 500 pesos, tops. That amount already includes a sumptious dinner, decent coffee and a full-blown inuman session at Patag that will leave you wasted at night and nursing a hang over the morning after. But I've learned that a self-inflicted puke (read in English please) marathon session before you sleep on said drunken night prevents the hang-over hehehe.


The people in Dumaguete are sincere and very friendly. I guess living in a multi-cultural hub has taught the people to be open and accommodating. Getting around the city is easy because they're always ready to help.

Of all the places I have been to, this is the only one I seriously considered relocating to during a serious life-changing point in my life. Maybe because the place has a vibe similar to UP and anything as warm and welcoming as UP is home to me hehehe.

Tabula Rasa

18 05 2006

One downside to having too much time on your hands is not knowing what to do with it. Getting involved in self-defeating endeavors like sulking and self-pity is very viable but not really productive. So I thought writing would be much more meaningful and therapeutic.

Since I've only been out of the house twice in the last two weeks, I realized retrospective blogging would be the best answer to the question of what non-emo topic I should write about. That is why while I am in this transition phase, I will write about the place I have visited in the past, the music I listen to or used to listen to and the sites that I deem worthy of aimless surfing time.

To kick off this thing I will write about a place I went to last November. It was a disservice that I didn't talk about it enough with my friends and didn't promote it thoroughly as a great vacation spot. I will write about Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental.

it’s like a magic! – cream silk girl

11 05 2006

siesta time

we recently discovered that our living room floor works like a magic pacifier for the puppies. one minute they're crying and inconsolable then once you lay them on the tiled floor, they're sleeping like nothing happened. the interval doesn't even reach five seconds, seriously.

breeding ground

7 05 2006

roma's babies

Raising puppies is a serious, round-the-clock responsibility.

A typical day for me would start with cleaning and then disinfecting their cage, then I let Roma run around the yard for some exercise because their breed is used to a lot of activities that they get listless when confined for a prolonged period of time. Before she goes back to the cage with her babies, she gets a massage so the puppies don't have a hard time nursing from her. Once she's back in, she's fed and given water to drink. A few hours later, she is led outside again in case she needs to pee or go number two. It's important to let her out several times a day so she won't get bored and fidgety and accidentally stomp on the little ones.

For us to do everything correctly we had to research a lot and in less than a week I have been bombarded with several life-saving (and amusing!) information about breeding dogs:

1. The mommy needs to eat puppy food (which has higher nutritional content than adult dog food) to produce a lot of milk. To add Pinoy flare, we throw in malunggay to the fare wehehehe.

2. The mommy needs to lick the puppies' lower tummy and genital area so they can, you know, cleanse their body because they don't have the capacity to do it on their own yet. If a puppy is orphaned one can get their daddy to do the licking or moisten a cotton to simulate the licking.

3. Puppies cannot regulate their own bodies' temperature so if it's freezing, you will need a heating pad or an incubator. Since it's summer, we don't worry about this tidbit of information, in fact, we keep a fan directed a them all day to keep them cool.

4. It is best to dock (cut) the tails of Doberman puppies before they are 4 days old because before that time, their sensory nerves on the tail area are not developed yet so no pain yet. My parents did the tail surgery on all five of our puppies last friday and since I couldn't stand seeing them in pain, I busied myself with cleaning the cage and making sure Roma doesn't hear them cry.

5. When the temperature's too cold, puppies sleep on top of each other and when it's too hot, they stay far apart.

6. Goat's milk, according to experienced breeders, is a better milk replacement than puppy formula.

7. Puppies feed every 2-3 hours, so that means I need to fix my schedule around their feeding time because I have to make sure that they are latching on correctly to their mom and feeding until their tummies are round and they fall asleep.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? Well it is a lot of work.

Sometimes taking care of them becomes too tiring and stressful. On average, I get about 2 scary episodes a day, episodes when their mom gets too restless and steps on them and they start crying like they're in so much pain they could die right there and then hahaha, or when one of them gets too malikot and almost falls off the cage or when one of them squeezes her/his head out of the cage and is unable to slip it back on and then starts to cry like she's about to die of pain again.

roma's babies

But at the end of the day, I can't complain, it's an immensely satisfying role and I could spend the entire day just staring at those little monsters hehehe.

Plus! They keep me from writing only about myself on this blog, that's a big bonus right? Hehehe.

son of a bitch

4 05 2006

sons and daughters of a bitch actually.

a couple of days ago, one of our dobermans gave birth to five cute puppies.  and since i am unemployed and living off my parents' money again, i have been assigned the official babysitter of Roma and her babies.  so now my days are filled with checking on the mommy and her pups every couple of hours, making sure that babies don't get lost under their blanket, making sure the pups don't get trampled on by their mom, ensuring that they are feeding enough and going online to research on all the available literature on caring and raising pups until my pc's casing overheats under the summer heat.

i could get used to this lifestyle, it's fun and it makes me feel important because i am responsible for five lives, make that six including the momma.  the only downside is the dry skin on my hands due to constantly washing my hands with soap and disinfecting with alcohol.  ahh yes, one should still uphold kikayness even under pressure.