moving forward

3 05 2006

Moving forward.

I first heard this phrase in the company I worked for after graduating from university. The love affair was only supposed to last as long as the bond but as fate would have it, I stayed with it for more than three years. But last week I finally left.

The past week was a whirlwind of farewell shindigs that ranged from an intimate dinner for two to a poker all-nighter. Overall I was more than satisfied with how I said farewell to my colleagues and friends. Because each despedida was small, I was able to talk to everyone and reminisce and refresh my memory on the reasons why I wound up being friends with them. Well because they're real, blunt and as crazy as I am.

My last day was thankfully not dramatic except when my male football buddies replied to my "this is my last day" email. It nearly brought me to tears because I didn't expect a couple of burly macho guys to go emo on my resignation hehehe. So anyway, I didn't feel too sad for leaving because I know deep down we're still going to see each other again. It's such a small industry, we're bound to bump into each other sooner or later. So goodbye is not really an appropriate parting word. Good luck and see you around feel and sound better.

People have been asking the reason why I left. Sometimes it's easier to just say it's mainly for financial reasons but I would be lying. The main reason isn't financial but that aspect is certainly a big bonus because I'll finally be a "responsible" daughter and help out in the house. But really, sometimes when people leave the way I did, the reason isn't always only about money. Sometimes it's about leaving your comfort zone and challenging yourself to bloom in another place.

Oh and by the way you need to watch Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Musikal when it runs again. Ang hindi manood, wit ko na friendship at hindi ko keri i-chuva. It is the only musical (though I don't watch them too often) where the intermission is announced this way:

"Magkakaron po tayo ng sampung minutong pagitan. Magsi-ihi na kayo!"





3 responses

3 05 2006

ohh. sa amin parang “meron po tayong 10 minutong pagitan para pwede kayong magchikahan.”

wagi si DIDIIIII!!!

6 05 2006

shapoooooor! sadness wala man lang ako sa isang send off sayo! 😦 haaay pero i know ul be in a good place. *hug*

18 05 2006

kktawa nmn ang pag-ihi. hehe. balitaan mo ako pagdating mo dun ha. πŸ™‚

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