son of a bitch

4 05 2006

sons and daughters of a bitch actually.

a couple of days ago, one of our dobermans gave birth to five cute puppies.  and since i am unemployed and living off my parents' money again, i have been assigned the official babysitter of Roma and her babies.  so now my days are filled with checking on the mommy and her pups every couple of hours, making sure that babies don't get lost under their blanket, making sure the pups don't get trampled on by their mom, ensuring that they are feeding enough and going online to research on all the available literature on caring and raising pups until my pc's casing overheats under the summer heat.

i could get used to this lifestyle, it's fun and it makes me feel important because i am responsible for five lives, make that six including the momma.  the only downside is the dry skin on my hands due to constantly washing my hands with soap and disinfecting with alcohol.  ahh yes, one should still uphold kikayness even under pressure.




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