breeding ground

7 05 2006

roma's babies

Raising puppies is a serious, round-the-clock responsibility.

A typical day for me would start with cleaning and then disinfecting their cage, then I let Roma run around the yard for some exercise because their breed is used to a lot of activities that they get listless when confined for a prolonged period of time. Before she goes back to the cage with her babies, she gets a massage so the puppies don't have a hard time nursing from her. Once she's back in, she's fed and given water to drink. A few hours later, she is led outside again in case she needs to pee or go number two. It's important to let her out several times a day so she won't get bored and fidgety and accidentally stomp on the little ones.

For us to do everything correctly we had to research a lot and in less than a week I have been bombarded with several life-saving (and amusing!) information about breeding dogs:

1. The mommy needs to eat puppy food (which has higher nutritional content than adult dog food) to produce a lot of milk. To add Pinoy flare, we throw in malunggay to the fare wehehehe.

2. The mommy needs to lick the puppies' lower tummy and genital area so they can, you know, cleanse their body because they don't have the capacity to do it on their own yet. If a puppy is orphaned one can get their daddy to do the licking or moisten a cotton to simulate the licking.

3. Puppies cannot regulate their own bodies' temperature so if it's freezing, you will need a heating pad or an incubator. Since it's summer, we don't worry about this tidbit of information, in fact, we keep a fan directed a them all day to keep them cool.

4. It is best to dock (cut) the tails of Doberman puppies before they are 4 days old because before that time, their sensory nerves on the tail area are not developed yet so no pain yet. My parents did the tail surgery on all five of our puppies last friday and since I couldn't stand seeing them in pain, I busied myself with cleaning the cage and making sure Roma doesn't hear them cry.

5. When the temperature's too cold, puppies sleep on top of each other and when it's too hot, they stay far apart.

6. Goat's milk, according to experienced breeders, is a better milk replacement than puppy formula.

7. Puppies feed every 2-3 hours, so that means I need to fix my schedule around their feeding time because I have to make sure that they are latching on correctly to their mom and feeding until their tummies are round and they fall asleep.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? Well it is a lot of work.

Sometimes taking care of them becomes too tiring and stressful. On average, I get about 2 scary episodes a day, episodes when their mom gets too restless and steps on them and they start crying like they're in so much pain they could die right there and then hahaha, or when one of them gets too malikot and almost falls off the cage or when one of them squeezes her/his head out of the cage and is unable to slip it back on and then starts to cry like she's about to die of pain again.

roma's babies

But at the end of the day, I can't complain, it's an immensely satisfying role and I could spend the entire day just staring at those little monsters hehehe.

Plus! They keep me from writing only about myself on this blog, that's a big bonus right? Hehehe.




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7 05 2006

porsha, sablay ka! May 6 ako. hehe. Eniways hemingway, kailan alis mo? di na talaga tayo magaabot…bibisita na lang ako sa inyo!! yun lang..byers!! 😀

9 05 2006
kuya mannix

insan you just gave me a 101 in zoology! i suddenly realized that i really forgot all about my BS course . . . BS Zoology (Kahayupan).

22 05 2006
25 06 2006

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