Mabisang Pangyayari

25 05 2006

The thing that's been hovering over my head like a black ugly hawk has finally flown away, the dark clouds that have been threatening to rain on this parade have finally disappeared. Forgive the drama. In lucid non-melodramatic terms, my working visa has finally been approved. After ten million years.

It wasn't the waiting that irked me because I certainly relished the precious weeks I got to spend with my family and beloved dogs, it was not knowing whether this adventure was going to happen or not that troubled me. Because I was raring to move on with my life. Of course the moving on would happen after the necessary sulking and self-pity due to having the visa disapproved but it didn't happen so anyway, after I told my parents the news my Mom cried over dinner. She tried but failed to hide her red and swollen eyes. My Dad asked her why she was crying and that's when she broke down and said she was sad because I was about to leave soon. Hahaha. By then I lost it and I was laughing so hard to hide my own tears. Hahaha ulet. I succeeded because no one noticed, and because I stood up quickly. Now I'm dreading the goodbye at the airport. Shwet.

I thought about this a lot before I made my decision but I still felt overwhelmed after I got the news on the visa. But maybe the key is not to overthink it. Maybe life-altering decisions need just enough pondering over and then you do them. Or else you'll be so scared of the intimidating and huge leaps they require that you'll be too paralyzed to accomplish anything with your life.


PUPPY NEWS: The critters are now walking and their eyes can already see clearly. They have turned into drama queens who cry at the littlest things. My Dad wants to name one of them WINDANG while I want to baptize the biggest drama queen among all five as PETUNIA. I will post pictures once I have our ancient digicam fixed. Windang is luckily not living up to his name and appears focused and smart.




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