life so far

30 06 2006

so mel and i are now ready to pay the deposit for the apartment we applied for. the agent was nice enough to offer the unit to us before opening it to the market. we’ve actually been approved for another unit which had an earlier availability but we decided to forego that since it had no edge over this unit we went for, except maybe for its floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room. when i got here i wrote down the things that should be on my top priority. i’ve covered almost everything except one, which is to buy a laptop. i think part of the reason why i didn’t have difficulty getting settled in is because having temporary residents/migrants is so flawlessly built into the government here. like i said, my impression of this place so far is that it is so open to strangers, people from other places. and of course having good friends for my onshore family helped a lot too. plus i never have to illustrate what my dogs look like to a store clerk whenever i buy stuff for our dogs, people here know what bullmastiffs look like hehehe.


i have developed this habit of mentally figuring out if a person i bump into while walking in the street is pinoy or not. i can’t give you a statistic of how accurate i am because i don’t normally come up to them to ask if they’re from pinas. but it helps entertain me while i’m walking.


work’s been good. same workload but i my definition of OT has changed. sukdulan na ang ala-sais ng hapon. at ang dami kong natututunan ha. ayos.


some very sad puppy news: two of the potpots are now in a better place due to parvo virus. =(



19 06 2006

I've been here for a week and so far things have been great.  It's really, really cold here. When I arrived last sunday, it was 7 degrees and I had to wait outside for the bus that'll take me to the city.  It was so cold that I seriously considered ransacking through my luggage to get the cigs I bought for Herbie and smoke them myself.

My first night here was the only time I felt homesick.  I do really bad in gloomy weather, I think I have seasonal affective disorder and that night it was so cold and it was raining.  And everything was alien to me that I felt displaced.  But now everything's fine.

I'm loving it here.  I love walking in the streets alone, not knowing anyone.  I love the freedom that being in a new place provides.  Melbourne, in the few days that I've been here, strikes me as a subdued place, open to a lot of things, warm towards strangers.  But I could be wrong.  There is still a lot of time to know it deeply.

All my packs are bagged

9 06 2006

I am a few hours away from leaving for Australia. Everything that I have control over is set, nabakunahan na rin ako ng anti-influenza vaccine (parang piglet haha). I have said goodbye to everyone (even people I randomly bump into in the streets who "accidentally" got wind of this trip from my parents). Tomorrow I will drop by my Nana's house (dad's mom) to say goodbye. My Dad wants me to ask for blessing from everyone from my Nana to my uncles to his kumpares. Ayos.

Of everything I will be temporarily leaving behind, I think missing my dogs will be the hardest to manage. I'm serious. I can chat with my friends over IM when I miss them, I can talk to my parents and kuya over SMS, chat, email and phone calls when I miss them, but I can't do anything about my missing my dogs. Oh well.

Six months isn't too long.


Oh yeah, the picture above shows the potpots at 1 month and 6 days. They grow so fast, these kids. I can't bring them inside the house anymore because they're so active already they can't stay in one corner of the house. I think if they were human, they are in what you would call the "terrible two's" stage.


The seminar given by POEA was quite interesting and I commend them for having a program like that. But I found it kind of depressing that the whole concept of being an OFW or an Pinoy expat in another country is packaged into this image of a person who has to battle terrible homesickness and suffer misery and loneliness just to send money back home. Given that we're a third-world country, maybe it should be. I was hoping they'd also see this as a venue for self-actualization. But maybe even self-actualization is something too expensive especially if you need to leave your family to support them.

Both Sides Now

4 06 2006


Joni Mitchell

 Bows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere, i've looked at cloud that way.
But now they only block the sun, they rain and snow on everyone.
So many things i would have done but clouds got in my way.

I've looked at clouds from both sides now,
From up and down, and still somehow
It's cloud illusions i recall.
I really don't know clouds at all.

Moons and junes and ferris wheels, the dizzy dancing way you feel
As every fairy tale comes real; i've looked at love that way.
But now it's just another show. you leave 'em laughing when you go
And if you care, don't let them know, don't give yourself away.

I've looked at love from both sides now,
From give and take, and still somehow
It's love's illusions i recall.
I really don't know love at all.

Tears and fears and feeling proud to say "i love you" right out loud,
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds, i've looked at life that way.
But now old friends are acting strange, they shake their heads, they say
I've changed.
Something's lost but something's gained in living every day.

I've looked at life from both sides now,
From win and lose, and still somehow
It's life's illusions i recall.
I really don't know life at all.


I had my despedida party last night and I didn't know it was going to make me feel that sad hehehe.  Vane, Consi, Net and Ron came to the house and it was really nice of them to drive all the way to Rizal.

So anyway I find myself somehow dreading the day I leave for a lot of paranoia-induced reasons.  But it's a fear that needs to be conquered if I ever want to do something in this lifetime.

Anyway, as a gift, Net did a full-on tarot reading on me, including past life reading.  I discovered I was once a truffle hahaha.  Net did say I was once a form that grew under soil and I didn't want to settle for a root crop like camote or patatas so I just concluded it was an expensive food such as truffle.

I am off to POEA tomorrow to attend a pre-departure orientation seminar and to get my papers finalized.  I am amazed at how patient the people are there, maybe I caught all of them on a good hair day (pambansang good hair day haha) but it was a pleasant surprise to find all of them taking their time with all the individuals asking them for instructions, etc.  I am curious, though, as to why there is one reminder about the seminar that reads "Female household worker who cannot speak, read and write in English and or under age will not be admitted."  I'll try to find some there tomorrow who can enlighten me.