All my packs are bagged

9 06 2006

I am a few hours away from leaving for Australia. Everything that I have control over is set, nabakunahan na rin ako ng anti-influenza vaccine (parang piglet haha). I have said goodbye to everyone (even people I randomly bump into in the streets who "accidentally" got wind of this trip from my parents). Tomorrow I will drop by my Nana's house (dad's mom) to say goodbye. My Dad wants me to ask for blessing from everyone from my Nana to my uncles to his kumpares. Ayos.

Of everything I will be temporarily leaving behind, I think missing my dogs will be the hardest to manage. I'm serious. I can chat with my friends over IM when I miss them, I can talk to my parents and kuya over SMS, chat, email and phone calls when I miss them, but I can't do anything about my missing my dogs. Oh well.

Six months isn't too long.


Oh yeah, the picture above shows the potpots at 1 month and 6 days. They grow so fast, these kids. I can't bring them inside the house anymore because they're so active already they can't stay in one corner of the house. I think if they were human, they are in what you would call the "terrible two's" stage.


The seminar given by POEA was quite interesting and I commend them for having a program like that. But I found it kind of depressing that the whole concept of being an OFW or an Pinoy expat in another country is packaged into this image of a person who has to battle terrible homesickness and suffer misery and loneliness just to send money back home. Given that we're a third-world country, maybe it should be. I was hoping they'd also see this as a venue for self-actualization. But maybe even self-actualization is something too expensive especially if you need to leave your family to support them.




2 responses

11 06 2006

good luck porshee 🙂 keep ur eyes open for the dako, bohemian fafa 😉

24 06 2006

“six months isn’t too long.” – i should be saying this to myself din porsh…hehe. so happy ur enjoying it there! really hope i visit you guys soon! :p

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