life so far

30 06 2006

so mel and i are now ready to pay the deposit for the apartment we applied for. the agent was nice enough to offer the unit to us before opening it to the market. we’ve actually been approved for another unit which had an earlier availability but we decided to forego that since it had no edge over this unit we went for, except maybe for its floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room. when i got here i wrote down the things that should be on my top priority. i’ve covered almost everything except one, which is to buy a laptop. i think part of the reason why i didn’t have difficulty getting settled in is because having temporary residents/migrants is so flawlessly built into the government here. like i said, my impression of this place so far is that it is so open to strangers, people from other places. and of course having good friends for my onshore family helped a lot too. plus i never have to illustrate what my dogs look like to a store clerk whenever i buy stuff for our dogs, people here know what bullmastiffs look like hehehe.


i have developed this habit of mentally figuring out if a person i bump into while walking in the street is pinoy or not. i can’t give you a statistic of how accurate i am because i don’t normally come up to them to ask if they’re from pinas. but it helps entertain me while i’m walking.


work’s been good. same workload but i my definition of OT has changed. sukdulan na ang ala-sais ng hapon. at ang dami kong natututunan ha. ayos.


some very sad puppy news: two of the potpots are now in a better place due to parvo virus. =(




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