idle mind (once more)

26 07 2006

I purchased something that I’ve been dreaming of acquiring eversince I saw its infomercial years ago. I loved watching Home TV Shopping on the network owned by RJ Jacinto, especially when they featured cooking contraptions. A couple of years later, when the show went off the air, rpn 9 continued featuring infomercials and that was when I saw the ad for this product. A very excited former boxing champion was demonstrating it. I thought he really conceptualized the product but I learned that he was just contracted to endorse it and that actually it was Hulk Hogan who was originally offered the endorsement deal, too bad he missed the phone call that could have topped all the money he made in WWF. So anyway, now that we have this, Mel can say hello to all things grilled everytime I’m assigned to prepare dinner hehehe.


Last night the last episode for Season 3 of the OC aired here in Melbourne. I already knew that Marissa Cooper was going to die since it was all over the newspaper after the episode aired in the US and Mel and me have been waiting for last night’s episode since the Fox network here started showing teasers. Whew this is going to be tough… The very second Marissa’s dying scene finished, the only words I could mouth were that I have never seen a death scene us pathetic and undramatic as this one. I can’t even bring myself to describe it as mediocre because that would mean there was at least some effort to make it nice. I think they should have just ended the show this season, when the four graduated from high school.

It could have been a beautiful finish and could have given its followers the freedom to mentally concoct their own ending to the show. If they wanted more bucks, they could have easily done so by doing overkill re-releasing the great alternative music they introduced in the show. Oh well. But it’s mass art, it’s pop, so expecting it to go against the grain is too much for the asking.


Enough trivia for today. Forgive me and my idle mind.



21 07 2006

drumroll please…

tonight we give you an exclusive glimpse into our small but fabulous apartment hehehe.

here’s the dining room…

(the door to the left leads you to my room while the door to the right goes out into the balcony, the balcony which we have yet to tidy up… we need to save some room to use for “spring cleaning”)

dining room

step a little bit to your right, hinga ng konti at ayan, you’re in our TGIS-esque (circa 90’s philippine teen show featuring the love team of wacks and peach) living room!


move back two steps and you will find yourself in a world where no potato is granted mercy and chaos erupts during dinner time… ang aming kusina kung saan namumutawi ang nagdidilawang drawers at cupboards.


and here’s a snapshot of how healthy dinners are in this crib.

table for two

any criticism you may hold on the design of the place, keep it to yourself hahaha. we don’t care what anyone thinks, we’re happy with how it turned out. the walls are still a work in progress, we plan to hang our own works of art there. soon.








idle mind

20 07 2006

While doing “productive alternative tasks” at work, I found some interesting stuff:

Here’s an article on brain damage by boring cubicles.

Another one I wish the authors of my social theory books in college had a chance to read before they wrote the obscure texts they published. I used to think reading and actually understanding them were measures of how intelligent a person is. Tsk, tsk. And this article makes for a good justification on why you never pursued your childhood dream of becoming a lawyer (I was so naive then and didn’t know that legalese could induce nosebleed…).

And here’s one that reinforced my wanting to learn how to play guitar again and go back to playing soccer (even if my pre-amateur level playing career spanned a measly 6 months…):


Why are we so obsessed with classifying people and putting them in a box? Maybe because that way, we’ll know how to “approach” them, if we know what “kind” of people they belong to, we’ll have an easier time dealing with them because we have a framework or reference to use. But sometimes it limits how much you can learn from and share with each other. This is an old habit that needs to die after it has served its purpose. And there’s no better time for me to do it but now.


It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings. – Mahatma Gandhi

so much to say

17 07 2006

i have so much things to say but i don’t know where to start and what to write.

mel and i moved in to our apartment last wednesday. it was a much-awaited event for me, finally doing something really “grown up,” but it was also pretty tiring. but i wouldn’t trade the experience for anything less. everytime i remember mel and me walking down swanston street with two huge luggages, a trolley and pillows in the middle of the night, i crack up. people looked at us strangely and some, i think, even pitied us because we looked like a couple of asian exchange students who got kicked out of their apartment in the middle of the night.

we started decorating the place the night we moved in. actually, we started way before that, the second we got word that our application was approved, we were already visualizing what color scheme would work to break the monotony of the stark white walls (we went with the color orange) and what furnishings would create the illusion of size.

we’re still in transition, still figuring out how to budget groceries and food, still figuring out how often to clean the bathroom, or if we should take the trash out every night, or if i should report the juveniles who caused so much noise last night that now im sleep-deprived hehehe. one thing we’re sure of is that cooked breakfast will only be available on the weekends ;P. but it definitely feels good to finally have a place you could call home.


Last friday night, while on my way to meet mel to go to ikea i saw a group of people having a demonstration in front of the State library. I couldn’t make out what the girl with the mike was shouting about, I initially thought it was about the violence in Lebanon. Imagine my shock when an old Caucasian woman handed me a flyer and said “some information on what’s happening in the Philippines?” It was a flyer on the numerous human rights violations reported under GMA’s regime. Para akong naumpog sa burgis kong mundo hehehe. Seriously, I didn’t know how to absobrb that experience. I justremember smiling and telling myself how relatively inconsequential my life problems are. One of the student activists abducted was actually a former orgmate in college. =(

da king

2 07 2006

the king has finally arrived.

 the king of faye and herbie’s lives has arrived. paulo manlongat has finally graced us with his presence. i only started thinking of him as king last night when i realized how much power he commands. he can make all of us (his mom, dad, mel and me) drop whatever we’re doing with one little whimper. he could lull us to sleep and make us forget our worries without moving a finger. but he can also cause panic and a feeling of helplessness when he wails. it’s amazing how one little creature can invoke a range of contradicting emotions.

surreal. amazing. unbelievable.


i’m looking forward to the day he starts to walk and begins mouthing nonsensical but nonetheless ear-worthy baby talk.