so much to say

17 07 2006

i have so much things to say but i don’t know where to start and what to write.

mel and i moved in to our apartment last wednesday. it was a much-awaited event for me, finally doing something really “grown up,” but it was also pretty tiring. but i wouldn’t trade the experience for anything less. everytime i remember mel and me walking down swanston street with two huge luggages, a trolley and pillows in the middle of the night, i crack up. people looked at us strangely and some, i think, even pitied us because we looked like a couple of asian exchange students who got kicked out of their apartment in the middle of the night.

we started decorating the place the night we moved in. actually, we started way before that, the second we got word that our application was approved, we were already visualizing what color scheme would work to break the monotony of the stark white walls (we went with the color orange) and what furnishings would create the illusion of size.

we’re still in transition, still figuring out how to budget groceries and food, still figuring out how often to clean the bathroom, or if we should take the trash out every night, or if i should report the juveniles who caused so much noise last night that now im sleep-deprived hehehe. one thing we’re sure of is that cooked breakfast will only be available on the weekends ;P. but it definitely feels good to finally have a place you could call home.


Last friday night, while on my way to meet mel to go to ikea i saw a group of people having a demonstration in front of the State library. I couldn’t make out what the girl with the mike was shouting about, I initially thought it was about the violence in Lebanon. Imagine my shock when an old Caucasian woman handed me a flyer and said “some information on what’s happening in the Philippines?” It was a flyer on the numerous human rights violations reported under GMA’s regime. Para akong naumpog sa burgis kong mundo hehehe. Seriously, I didn’t know how to absobrb that experience. I justremember smiling and telling myself how relatively inconsequential my life problems are. One of the student activists abducted was actually a former orgmate in college. =(




One response

18 07 2006

got this from a praxis member. nakakatakot-
eniwei, regarding ate karen.. kilala ko po rin sya dhil naabutan ko sya nung first yr po ako, ng nag-apply ako sa prxis. and i can say na mejo close nmn kami kya i also feel bad about what happend. at i guess, til now, di pa rin ako mkarecover from that news.. the last update we had was last thurs nyt’s news na there were three bodies found sa hagonoy, bulacan. pero ung mga cafgu are denying na meron ngang bodies na nakita. pero the funny thing is, it was the pnp itself who reported about the bodies. as of friday, ndi pa alam kung saang morgue ung bodies, therefore ndi pa tlga maidentify kung cla nga yun.. and everybody’s praying na sna nga ndi cla un..

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