idle mind

20 07 2006

While doing “productive alternative tasks” at work, I found some interesting stuff:

Here’s an article on brain damage by boring cubicles.

Another one I wish the authors of my social theory books in college had a chance to read before they wrote the obscure texts they published. I used to think reading and actually understanding them were measures of how intelligent a person is. Tsk, tsk. And this article makes for a good justification on why you never pursued your childhood dream of becoming a lawyer (I was so naive then and didn’t know that legalese could induce nosebleed…).

And here’s one that reinforced my wanting to learn how to play guitar again and go back to playing soccer (even if my pre-amateur level playing career spanned a measly 6 months…):


Why are we so obsessed with classifying people and putting them in a box? Maybe because that way, we’ll know how to “approach” them, if we know what “kind” of people they belong to, we’ll have an easier time dealing with them because we have a framework or reference to use. But sometimes it limits how much you can learn from and share with each other. This is an old habit that needs to die after it has served its purpose. And there’s no better time for me to do it but now.


It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings. – Mahatma Gandhi




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