21 07 2006

drumroll please…

tonight we give you an exclusive glimpse into our small but fabulous apartment hehehe.

here’s the dining room…

(the door to the left leads you to my room while the door to the right goes out into the balcony, the balcony which we have yet to tidy up… we need to save some room to use for “spring cleaning”)

dining room

step a little bit to your right, hinga ng konti at ayan, you’re in our TGIS-esque (circa 90’s philippine teen show featuring the love team of wacks and peach) living room!


move back two steps and you will find yourself in a world where no potato is granted mercy and chaos erupts during dinner time… ang aming kusina kung saan namumutawi ang nagdidilawang drawers at cupboards.


and here’s a snapshot of how healthy dinners are in this crib.

table for two

any criticism you may hold on the design of the place, keep it to yourself hahaha. we don’t care what anyone thinks, we’re happy with how it turned out. the walls are still a work in progress, we plan to hang our own works of art there. soon.











2 responses

22 07 2006

nice pad porsh and mel! 🙂 i love the wacks and peachy couch! hehe.

23 07 2006

Porsha, this is nice! It’s fun and the colors are anti-stress! 🙂

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