idle mind (once more)

26 07 2006

I purchased something that I’ve been dreaming of acquiring eversince I saw its infomercial years ago. I loved watching Home TV Shopping on the network owned by RJ Jacinto, especially when they featured cooking contraptions. A couple of years later, when the show went off the air, rpn 9 continued featuring infomercials and that was when I saw the ad for this product. A very excited former boxing champion was demonstrating it. I thought he really conceptualized the product but I learned that he was just contracted to endorse it and that actually it was Hulk Hogan who was originally offered the endorsement deal, too bad he missed the phone call that could have topped all the money he made in WWF. So anyway, now that we have this, Mel can say hello to all things grilled everytime I’m assigned to prepare dinner hehehe.


Last night the last episode for Season 3 of the OC aired here in Melbourne. I already knew that Marissa Cooper was going to die since it was all over the newspaper after the episode aired in the US and Mel and me have been waiting for last night’s episode since the Fox network here started showing teasers. Whew this is going to be tough… The very second Marissa’s dying scene finished, the only words I could mouth were that I have never seen a death scene us pathetic and undramatic as this one. I can’t even bring myself to describe it as mediocre because that would mean there was at least some effort to make it nice. I think they should have just ended the show this season, when the four graduated from high school.

It could have been a beautiful finish and could have given its followers the freedom to mentally concoct their own ending to the show. If they wanted more bucks, they could have easily done so by doing overkill re-releasing the great alternative music they introduced in the show. Oh well. But it’s mass art, it’s pop, so expecting it to go against the grain is too much for the asking.


Enough trivia for today. Forgive me and my idle mind.




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