kasalan at bayanihan

28 08 2006


we celebrated al and tine and ariz and rochs’ wedding last saturday. i think it was the only other wedding, aside from my parents’ silver wedding anniversary, that i consider genuinely touching and intimate. the “bayanihan” trait of pinoys shone from the very minute the preparations were kicked off. everyone in our pinoy barkada here willingly took on a task to help the couples prepare for their big day, from the make-up artists to the bridal car drayber (or chauffeur if you wanna go the sophisticated way). awesome can-do and make-do attitude =). ila was the emcee, tina, faye, herbie, cherry and anndi sang songs for the couples, mel and i took care of the bridal bouquets, eva, anndi and tammy prettified roch, i supported ryan in taking photos, bong and jason were the bridal car draybers, pepper and cherry got the wedding cakes and bev with mike’s son kyle were the impromptu coin and ring bearers hehehe. astig noh? napaiyak pa nga si al eh.



22 08 2006

I experienced my first genuine bridal shower last weekend. It was relatively subdued, relative to the scenarios I imagined anyway. But the after-party was sulit, first time I experienced being drenched in that much sweat here in Melbourne… from dancing of course. And it was also the first time I walked home with just hankies for shoes. My feet were already punishing me for dancing so much, the wind was becoming more and more cruel in its coldness and the wine and smoke were kicking me to groggines. So on the way home I had no choice but to take off my shoes and walk (I think all the kids in this city were also out that night and they all took the cab home) with panyolitos tied around my feet to act as makeshift shoes (and you know, to protect my feet from harmful bacteria… yucky kadire hahaha).

I wish I could say that I found the experience so profound that I finally know the answers to life’s questions. But I can’t. Despite it being humbling or novel or ridiculously funny, I have no nuggets of wisdom to share. Walking on your almost bare feet on a cold winter morning was just plain ridiculous, nothing more. Although I did realize that a pair of foldable ballet flats is a good investment for all-nighters that end with no cab and no tram to take going home.


Anyway, some news on the mushy front of this adventure, I found a boy, then I lost that boy so I got myself a toy (as most of you already know). The fixation was fun and windang (as the case usually is) while it lasted. For one minute I really thought I could have done more but I realized that things like this should never be that hard and calculated. So there. Wushu ;P.


15 08 2006

i have been busy battling “relocation blues” (as Lili terms it) the past weeks. it’s a recurring thing, hard to tell if you’re through with it because it catches you (again and again and again) at the most unlikely time. i spoke with two of my good friends who’ve worked long-term in another country and they said it’s perfectly normal. good to hear that alienation while being surrounded by a dozen “kababayans” is normal. and that taking on a “i don’t give a sh*t” stance is an effective remedy. actually i think i’m now really settling in and adjusting to life here, if my emotional mishap (which i thought was exclusive to life in the Philippines) is any indication. rufus wainwright is good company while i’m going through it, thank you very much lili for introducing us. hearing “life is a game and true love is the trophy” makes my day.
let’s get to a rundown of the tourist/expat things i did the past days. let’s see… well i finally attended my first office party here. i discovered that it’s good to be a reluctant attendee because the absence of expectations enable you to have a blast during the event hehehe. and i had my first taste of skiing last weekend in mt buller. unfortunately, i’m not cut out for the skis, the boots pinch my large midfoot and i become too bitchy and critical of the instructor. good thing the place had a good enough redeeming factor in the form of the toboggan.


what to do when suffering from an ailment inflicted by a boy? buy a toy. it isn’t a guaranteed antidote, but it could keep you preoccupied while recovering. so meet bogart.


lazy sunday

1 08 2006

last sunday, on a whim, mel and i hopped on the free city circle tram and got off at random places that interested us. we went inside the city museum at the old treasury building but wasn’t able to explore inside because it was almost closing time. we then went to the beautiful, family-day (wholesome fun) and make-out-(sleazy fun) worthy fitzroy gardens.

it’s true what they say, some of the best things in life are indeed free. the other best things you can get for bargain prices, just like the stuff on bridge road, which we explored store to store, corner to corner last saturday. we hope to be back one day to sort through the stores on the other side of the street, again store to store, corner to corner.


now running until August 13 is the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). I’m planning to see the Australian film The Book of Revelation, because the director described it as a film where “…Man as victim, women as perpetrators…” I ticked off a couple of other films and was glad that Maxi is going to be screened here too.


the sights and gigs in this city are making me rethink my priorities, camera over laptop…