lazy sunday

1 08 2006

last sunday, on a whim, mel and i hopped on the free city circle tram and got off at random places that interested us. we went inside the city museum at the old treasury building but wasn’t able to explore inside because it was almost closing time. we then went to the beautiful, family-day (wholesome fun) and make-out-(sleazy fun) worthy fitzroy gardens.

it’s true what they say, some of the best things in life are indeed free. the other best things you can get for bargain prices, just like the stuff on bridge road, which we explored store to store, corner to corner last saturday. we hope to be back one day to sort through the stores on the other side of the street, again store to store, corner to corner.


now running until August 13 is the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). I’m planning to see the Australian film The Book of Revelation, because the director described it as a film where “…Man as victim, women as perpetrators…” I ticked off a couple of other films and was glad that Maxi is going to be screened here too.


the sights and gigs in this city are making me rethink my priorities, camera over laptop…




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