15 08 2006

i have been busy battling “relocation blues” (as Lili terms it) the past weeks. it’s a recurring thing, hard to tell if you’re through with it because it catches you (again and again and again) at the most unlikely time. i spoke with two of my good friends who’ve worked long-term in another country and they said it’s perfectly normal. good to hear that alienation while being surrounded by a dozen “kababayans” is normal. and that taking on a “i don’t give a sh*t” stance is an effective remedy. actually i think i’m now really settling in and adjusting to life here, if my emotional mishap (which i thought was exclusive to life in the Philippines) is any indication. rufus wainwright is good company while i’m going through it, thank you very much lili for introducing us. hearing “life is a game and true love is the trophy” makes my day.
let’s get to a rundown of the tourist/expat things i did the past days. let’s see… well i finally attended my first office party here. i discovered that it’s good to be a reluctant attendee because the absence of expectations enable you to have a blast during the event hehehe. and i had my first taste of skiing last weekend in mt buller. unfortunately, i’m not cut out for the skis, the boots pinch my large midfoot and i become too bitchy and critical of the instructor. good thing the place had a good enough redeeming factor in the form of the toboggan.


what to do when suffering from an ailment inflicted by a boy? buy a toy. it isn’t a guaranteed antidote, but it could keep you preoccupied while recovering. so meet bogart.





3 responses

20 08 2006
abegail navarro

ei portia, just wanted you to know that FINALLY, i am a licensed to heal, hehehe. 🙂 Your apartment really looks funky.. And can I just say, that since you write so well, I really enjoy reading your blog. Naks!! What a cosmopolitan life you’re living!! Some more pictures next time!! Will be waiting for you treat this December. Mwah!! LOve you.

22 08 2006

Abe!!!! Congrats! Natupad na rin ang pinapangarap mo simula nung nasa kinder ka pa lang hahaha. Hemingway, hindi “cosmopolitan” ang buhay ko dito, fully domesticated mammal na nga ako sa dami ng gawaing bahay eh, I just don’t write about it because they’re hmmm, not a good blog material hehehe. I miss you guys! Mwah!

28 08 2006
kuya mannix

hey cuz! been quite a long time not talking about the “concepts.” iningles ko na at andyan ka nman e. hehehe. dami ko nababasa dito. galing mo talaga insan. well, i just got back from a week voyage to some South Pacific Islands . . . . highlighted by delivering a baby on the deck of the ship! yes of all places somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean!

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