22 08 2006

I experienced my first genuine bridal shower last weekend. It was relatively subdued, relative to the scenarios I imagined anyway. But the after-party was sulit, first time I experienced being drenched in that much sweat here in Melbourne… from dancing of course. And it was also the first time I walked home with just hankies for shoes. My feet were already punishing me for dancing so much, the wind was becoming more and more cruel in its coldness and the wine and smoke were kicking me to groggines. So on the way home I had no choice but to take off my shoes and walk (I think all the kids in this city were also out that night and they all took the cab home) with panyolitos tied around my feet to act as makeshift shoes (and you know, to protect my feet from harmful bacteria… yucky kadire hahaha).

I wish I could say that I found the experience so profound that I finally know the answers to life’s questions. But I can’t. Despite it being humbling or novel or ridiculously funny, I have no nuggets of wisdom to share. Walking on your almost bare feet on a cold winter morning was just plain ridiculous, nothing more. Although I did realize that a pair of foldable ballet flats is a good investment for all-nighters that end with no cab and no tram to take going home.


Anyway, some news on the mushy front of this adventure, I found a boy, then I lost that boy so I got myself a toy (as most of you already know). The fixation was fun and windang (as the case usually is) while it lasted. For one minute I really thought I could have done more but I realized that things like this should never be that hard and calculated. So there. Wushu ;P.




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