kasalan at bayanihan

28 08 2006


we celebrated al and tine and ariz and rochs’ wedding last saturday. i think it was the only other wedding, aside from my parents’ silver wedding anniversary, that i consider genuinely touching and intimate. the “bayanihan” trait of pinoys shone from the very minute the preparations were kicked off. everyone in our pinoy barkada here willingly took on a task to help the couples prepare for their big day, from the make-up artists to the bridal car drayber (or chauffeur if you wanna go the sophisticated way). awesome can-do and make-do attitude =). ila was the emcee, tina, faye, herbie, cherry and anndi sang songs for the couples, mel and i took care of the bridal bouquets, eva, anndi and tammy prettified roch, i supported ryan in taking photos, bong and jason were the bridal car draybers, pepper and cherry got the wedding cakes and bev with mike’s son kyle were the impromptu coin and ring bearers hehehe. astig noh? napaiyak pa nga si al eh.




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