16 09 2006

St Kilda Pier

Okay, so for a while there I totally forgot about the purpose of this blog, and that is to keep anyone who would care to read some updates on what’s happening to me here. Sorry about that.

The past few weeks I’ve been busy attending weekly hiphop classes offered by this institution; getting serious (or struggling to get serious hehehe) with photography and taking care of Bogart and finding every good photo opportunity there is in this place. Aside from working hard and playing harder during Pinoy party during weekends wehehehe.

Last Sunday we went to the Shrine of Remembrance and St. Kilda Beach. Those are two places off my list of places to visit to complete my Melbourne experience.

This adventure has, so far, been a huge paradigm shift for me, and it still is. I’m still fumbling with a lot of the new experiences I go through each day (emotional or otherwise). I’m trying not to be too hard on myself because, as they say, when you’re doing things for the first time, there’s always a huge chance you’re going to screw up, but the important thing is to keep learning and embracing whatever comes your way. This entire thing is definitely keeping me on my toes, to say the least ;P




One response

20 09 2006
kuya mannix

pors i like this shot. with a touch of nostalgia. know what, i’m also starting to get hook with photography. just came to my crazy mind while i was going around this island where i’m in. medyo malayo ka na in terms of technique etc but i’m slowly learning. i bought the canon ixus65. it’s a 6 MP cam.

you can share me some tips on basic photography. keep us posted cuz.

hopefully will polish my very basic skills. hehehe

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