sa’yo ang inuman

4 11 2006

okay so i’m kicking off my weekend trip to sydney in drunken stupor. we had this impromptu tequila-drinking session at catcat’s apartment with melanie and lennie. it was the only inuman (drinking session) where i saw someone actually use a measuring spoon to divide how much tequila a “shot” had in each glass. how methodical. it was also the first time i ever got intoxicated here in melbourne. i rode the tram walking in a jagged line and asked melanie to buy my tram ticket for me because i wasn’t sure i could drop the coins in the slot of the ticket machine. oh the joys of intoxication. and i think i hold the only record of being able to do laundry (with the laundry room one level below my flat) while half-asleep, groggy and having to hold on the wall to keep me still while making my way down the hall. and i’m also about to earn the title of packing for a 3 day trip while under the influence. good thing people here don’t give a damn about how you look because i’m not confident i’ll be able to choose “practical” and “well-thought-of” garments for sydney.

this is one of those times when the only thing that can jolt you to sobriety is a gas bill which says your consumption in 4 months amounted to more than a thousand dollars, which is almost as expensive as whole month’s rent. i swear my knees grew weak upon reading that figure. thank goodness melanie called the provider and verified. the thousand dollar amount has been cancelled and now we’re down to a hundred dollars. i knew i always took forever to take a bath but i wasn’t prepared for that kind of expense. whew. lordy, i was ready to give up hot water even if bathing froze me to death.

despite the probability of me having to induce puking to prevent a painful hangover later this morning, i thoroughly enjoyed the tequila and the company of friends tonight, just what i’ve been hungering for in the past few days. not a bad way to kick off your birthday celebration, if you really think about it. happy birthday to me. i’m off to sydney in 4 hours and salvation, in the form of sleep, is still more than 12 hours away. for now, i’m asking ron to keep me awake.

seeing as intoxication equals prolific blog entries, i might just do this drinking session more often.

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    One response

    6 11 2006

    u owe me kwento 😉

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