when it rains, it hails

15 11 2006

seriously cold today, like it was winter all over again. i gotta tell you, this adventure never ceases to keep me on my toes. and when it rains, it not only pours, they also throw in hail to the mix. sometimes it can get tiring, you feel like it’s adversity after adversity, or that going home seems like a really good idea because you’ve been battered no end by events you have no control of or people whose mission in life is to be a bitch and deliver unnecessary grief to others. but then someone tells you that it’s your life and that you should never let anyone mess with it and then you start to realize that everything you have right now, you achieved by hard work, so they’re all worth fighting for, no matter how herculean (is this a sexist term?). so from this moment on, no more miss-goody-two-shoes baby. let’s see who’s better at being a bitch.

nah, i can’t really live with that much anger inside me, if i did that, then i’d be the one losing the fight. i’m just going to pretend that those bitches don’t exist. and besides, that which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

so anyway, enough of that ranting. last weekend me and tseri threw a party to celebrate our birthdays and it was the first time i ever had so much fun at a party here. and i can hardly remember any birthday party of mine being that crazy and enjoyable. maybe because i’m now more relaxed, settled and happy with my situation here. even our friends from the office were there, it was quite literally a united colors of benetton scene (was what i just said bakya? hahaha). so if you’ve gotten hold of the pictures, forgive the poses, we were just seriously drunk with happiness.

last monday i started my six-week photography class with CAE. the first session was fun and very informative, most of what i know about photography has been basically rendered useless by our teacher hahaha. which is all good because i am now on the road to becoming an enlightened photographer hehehe. and did you know that a traditional camera’s film actually has 22 megapixels in it, so no matter how much you blow up your baby photos, they are never going to pixelate. amazing isn’t it? so now i understand how people can still remain purists when it comes to photography and stick with manual cameras.

i’ll close this post with my birthday photo. will you look at that cake, really, really decadent. that’s melanie’s gift =)





3 responses

17 11 2006

Hi Dear…

Belated Happy Birthday! Miswah! 😉

19 11 2006

thanks nancy! =)

20 11 2006

woooow! u got the cute cake! hihi.

m enjoying your posts on sydney shapor! keep enjoying life! *kisses!* miss ko na buhay dyan! waaaa! hehe.

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