Pasko Na?

6 12 2006

Time flies fast doesn’t it?
I can’t believe it’s already December and a few weeks before Christmas. Melbourne isn’t at par with Manila when it comes to sprucing up for Christmas, for energy-saving reasons maybe, and the weather is starting to seriously warm up, so that’s probably why I still haven’t gotten around to getting into the Christmas mood.

I am looking forward to going home to the Philippines though. The two-week trip back home will definitely be a welcome respite from all that have been going on here. Contracting is shitty, that’s one thing I and a couple of my friends here have discovered. But we signed up for this kind of situation so we do the best we can. But because of it, we learned to speak up when something is not right, and I can say it pushed me not to take things lying down.

I am really looking forward to having home-cooked meals during my holiday in Pinas, especially since we have given up on cooking meals back in our flat. We still eat decent food but we’re limited to making sandwiches out of roast beef slices or ham and focaccia or ciabatta, with sundried tomatoes, pickled capsicum or salad made from cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and whatever other fruit caught our fancy during market day.

My photography course is set to end next week and I’m thinking of getting serious with it and signing up for more classes. The biggest thing the course did for me was make me the master of Bogart (my camera) and debunk all the bull I’ve heard and read about taking better photos. I can’t think of any aspect about it that I don’t like and I reckon that (uy, Aussie speak haha!) being a photographer is one of the best jobs in the world. Maybe I should consider switching careers…

In true Pinoy fashion, we are going to hold a Christmas party, complete with Kris Kringle and papremyo, on Saturday. Before that we are having a Pinoy Amazing Race all around Melbourne. Ila, Ryan, Catcat and Faye organized the route, pitstops, tasks, etc. The weather forecast is 37 C on Saturday, and I’m sure that’ll be an interesting race. It’ll also be a farewell party for Pepper, who has resigned from work and is set to go back to Manila to work on a very, very important (but pleasurable ;P) project. The group won’t be the same without her and I’m sure she’s going to miss us badly! (self-absorbed hehe)

*pic courtesy of melanie’s cam

Here are some photos from the photo shoot that our class had last Sunday in Birrarung Marr and Southbank. For my self-preservation, I’ll set your expectations by saying that I don’t have anything mind-blowing on my folio (as if!) yet hehehe. And they’re there in their unadulterated glory, no help from Picasa, thank you very much.


She’s very pretty isn’t she? Her dress literally stood out of the mainly gray background that day.

Federation Bells




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