Amazing Grace

12 12 2006

The weekend was tiring but fantastic.

Several of our friends here organized a Pinoy version of the Amazing Race with four teams racing. I teamed up with Herbie, Roch, Lennie and Bien and we got 3rd place.

The race consisted of seven legs but none of the teams did the 6th one because we all got the fast forward. One task we had to do was find people in the Queen Victoria market who knew how to cook YABBIES ON GREEN POLENTA, list down at least six of the ingredients and take pictures of them. Seems fairly easy right, except that there is no such thing as a “green polenta” and saturday morning is a really busy time in the market which makes it hard to interrupt vendors just to ask them about a recipe.

Another task was to stand in the middle of Bourke St in front of Myer or David Jones and be street performers singing Christmas songs. Each team had to collect a minimum of $10 to advance to the next stage. This was my favorite task of all, I had a blast singing Christmas songs we didn’t know the lyrics to. For the most part we only sang until the second line, and just mumbled the rest of the song. I think we appeared too enthusiastic to the public because instead of coming near us, they would avoid the spot where we were. When it seemed just standing there and singing was not going to work, we went around and asked people if they would gladly give a dollar or two for a Christmas song. At first I was kinda hesitant because I was afraid someone from work would see me, but after a few minutes I thought, what the hell, if I’m gonna make a fool of myself anyway, I might as well do it properly and with passion hahaha.

Imagine doing all that and running under 37 degrees of sun and heat from 11 am to 1pm. Very enjoyable. Our friends who organized this gig told us we were too fast for them, they thought it would take us several hours to finish everything but all the teams did it in less than two hours. The final stops were at the Melbourne Park and the Rod Laver arena, where the deciding factor in winning was how fast a team could find the entrance to the building hehehe. And some people really thought we were in the Amazing Race because we had on these badges with our own logo on it. There was even one kid we saw on the tram who asked our team if we were really on the Amazing Race. One of us said yes and he replied, “THE amazing race.” Oh yeah kid, THE amazing race, because this one was way better
than the one you saw on TV hehehe.

After we went home and all had our afternoon siesta (Pinoy na pinoy di ba, sabi ng matatanda dapat ang mga bata matulog pag hapon para tumangkad haha), we headed to Tina’s house in Clayton to celebrate our Christmas party, complete with lumpiang shanghai, spaghetti and Kris Kringle. The Kris Kringle was the most stressful exchange gift session I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t know you could steal a gift?! I’m telling you, that night, a lot of friendships were destroyed over a box of gourmet chocolate sauces, a poker set, a chess set, a vibrator, err, a portable massager and a Michael Jackson album hahaha. We also had this couples’ game that sent the wives/gf’s and husbands/boyfriends racking their brains for their husbands’ favorite household chore, wife’s fave restaurant, husband’s brand of boxers/briefs and wife’s most sensitive body part ;P It was all great fun, one of the happiest, relaxed Christmas celebrations ever.

Carlo and Detdet (Tammy’s kids) with EM (Tina’s son)

Our AR team

Top (L-R): Mel, Jojo, Bien and Bong

Botton: Joseph

Melanie won Best Street Performer hahaha.





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