Home For Christmas

25 12 2006

I am back in Rizal and it feels like I never left. Of course the one reminder that I’ve been away for a while is the irritation I experience during traffic jams with drivers swerving from left to right and/or occupying all the lanes on the road. But that’s part of Manila’s charm and going home wouldn’t be complete without it.

It is surreal, definitely, reconciling my experiences in Australia and what I am here, now. It’s as if I just dreamt all the events that happened down under.

I have the perfect gift for Christmas, and that is being with my family and my dogs, who thankfully have not forgotten me. I miss Melbourne a bit, the subdued atmosphere and the unhurried pace you lead daily life. But despite all the noise, the traffic, the general chaos, I would still choose to be here right now.

The flight home was looooong. I will remind myself to take a night flight next time, so there’ll be no burden to entertain myself while on the plane. I finally got around to doing the challenge that Rose gave me before I moved to Melbourne, to connect with someone and strike up a conversation with that person. I’m proud to say I met three people. On the flight from Melbourne to HK, I met Jay, a Taiwanese who just finished his Master’s degree from Monash University and is on his way home to start his business in Taiwan. On the flight from HK to Manila, I met 9-year old Ravielyn and her Mom, who live in New Zealand and are going to Manila for the holidays. They’ve been living in NZ for four years but Rav still speaks Tagalog flawlessly, her Mom says it’s because she never speaks to her daughter in English, only in Kapampangan and tagalog. These people, along with Haruki Murakami made the flights home bearable.

So anyway, it’s Christmas day today, whatever meaning this occassion holds for you, I hope you have a great one this year ;P




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27 12 2006
kuya mannix

having been away from our native land, i can truly grasp everything you said. the feeling of coming home to your family especially during the xmas season is indeed beyond any superlatives! it brings a sense of euphoria, a bliss, a sense of oblivion to the pressing complexities of life. but isn’t it just right to be rewarded with such feelings after living all on your own . . . away from protective and comforting care a family only could give?

enjoy your holiday break insan!

27 12 2006
kuya mannix

oooppps too bad i’m not home too. i could have been a disciple of your photography 101. hehehe.

1 01 2007

Kuya! We miss you, especially during the reunion =(. Anyway, next year, let’s all be here for xmas and the new year.

5 02 2007

wow, congratulations Porsh! Strangers are the best people to rattle you, in a good way 🙂

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