Life’s a Beach

21 01 2007

I had my first beach swim in Australia yesterday. The rain did not let up all day but I was determined to follow through on my plan to make it a full-on beach gig complete with a dip.

We took the scenic route, boarded a ferry from Southgate and started the day by going to the Scienceworks Museum in Spotswood, a pleasant surprise because I didn’t think I would enjoy this part of the trip. It’s a place geared towards kids of course but I had a blast checking out the exhibitions and going to the Planetarium shows. As Harrison Ford said during one of the shows, if there is anything that life teaches us, it is that we should keep an open mind, and kept an open mind I did. In fact, I was so awestruck with everything I saw, especially the Nitty Gritty Super City exhibit, where they explain how recycling works and they display a scale model of the entire city of Melbourne made out of legos. Alright I’m going to stop gushing now. Good thing the lightning show was not on, or else this entry would really read like an essay grade school kids submit to their teachers after a field trip hehe.

Afterwards, we rode two stations down to go to Williamstown Beach. I didn’t let mother nature stop me from going for a swim but I wasn’t able to take out Bogart and photograph the beach. For one, it was overcast and second, while I knew I could withstand water, I doubt Bogart can and I am not financially capable of finding out if he is hehehe. Instead of ruining my mood, the dark skies and the rain probably even made the experience more glorious. It was good to swim with just a handful of people in sight, all stubborn kids like myself, and it was relaxing to lie on the sand with the rain falling on my face.  It was just so serene that Melanie couldn’t stop commenting about how quiet it was… until I told her to get over it hahaha.


I just realized, the photo above has absolutely nothing to do with the beach haha. Who cares anyway =)


Odd Combo

16 01 2007

I had quite a busy weekend as it was my first stint in my team’s first oncall support rotation. Murphy’s law was at work that weekend as every program that could fail actually failed, on top of the server running at an agonizingly slow pace. But on the brighter side of things, as Net said, now that I’ve been through the worst, everything else will be “sisiw.” We’ll see…

Because of what happened I had to cancel on going to the season 2 of our group’s Amazing Race and on our first photo shoot. I didn’t really mind stuffing up the Amazing Race gig, what made me sad was the fact that I missed the photo shoot. I had to get my hand on the shutter no matter what. So when things with the oncall support quieted down on Sunday afternoon, I took the roses we just purchased for our flat, put it outside on the balcony, went down as low as I could to get close and just fired away. Oh I am really addicted.


I can really feel summer now. Today it was 39 outside and I felt like there was a fan blowing hot air in front of me. It is a kind of heat that stings your skin and since it is not humid here, you don’t sweat it out of your body. Melbourne is known for its amusingly fickle weather, as proof of that, check out the weather forecast for this week; today – 39, wednesday – 37, thursday – 31, friday – 34, sunday – 24 and on monday next week – 23. Told you this place would keep me on my toes, I can’t even be complacent with the weather.

Suzuki Ko

12 01 2007

the suzuki night market in the qv market will be giving me my UP fair fix this year. it’s an annual summer social event at the market where there are musical performances, lots of food and beer and good stuff to buy. most of the wares sold there are from fledgling crafts artists, almost all are handmade save for the wares imported from Asia and so the prices are a bit steep. but it’s definitely a good place to hang out in if you have nothing to do during wednesday nights. the crowd’s made up mostly of young people so the vibe is great. my flatmate and i got a new lamp for our corner table, and it’s the one in the picture you see above.

work has been pretty busy since i got back, busy enough to let me recover quickly from post-holiday blues. i’m getting more and more involved in photography now, and starting to get together with other Pinoys who are also into it so we can organize weekend photo shoots and last month i enrolled myself in another course which is slated to start in April, to be taught by the same person who taught my basics course.

i sense that a lot of things are going to happen this year, to myself and to my friends. just look at faye and melanie who are getting married in december. fantastic news, isn’t it?


4 01 2007

And so i’m back in the land down under again and this time the trip back here wasn’t filled with anxiety and excitement since I more or less know what’s waiting for me.

The past several days were pure heaven.  Being with my family almost 24/7, babysitting our dogs and seeing most of my friends.  Next time I will stay longer because two weeks are just not enough to see everybody.

If you’re a Filipino expat and you just got back from Manila, never eat microwave-cooked food for your first meal back.  Because it induces sentimentality and makes you irrational.  A few minutes ago, I toyed with the idea of going home for good in 6 months.  But that’s the bland soup talking.  Or maybe not.  Wala naman kaduda-duda, mas masaya at mas komportable sa Pilipinas.  But life’s a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ thing, and you should constantly stretch your limits.

But it felt really, really great to be surrounded by family again, to spend an afternoon talking to friends who have known you since you started fumbling through life, and to be adored unconditionally by loyal dogs.

I suspect leaving the Philippines will always be difficult and gently heartbreaking, no matter how many times you do it.  It is home you are moving away from, after all.

But it’s the new year and there are lots of things to look forward to.  2006 was the most challenging year of my existence but it was also the most fulfilling.  Hopefully 2007 will top the adventures that 2006 gave me.