Suzuki Ko

12 01 2007

the suzuki night market in the qv market will be giving me my UP fair fix this year. it’s an annual summer social event at the market where there are musical performances, lots of food and beer and good stuff to buy. most of the wares sold there are from fledgling crafts artists, almost all are handmade save for the wares imported from Asia and so the prices are a bit steep. but it’s definitely a good place to hang out in if you have nothing to do during wednesday nights. the crowd’s made up mostly of young people so the vibe is great. my flatmate and i got a new lamp for our corner table, and it’s the one in the picture you see above.

work has been pretty busy since i got back, busy enough to let me recover quickly from post-holiday blues. i’m getting more and more involved in photography now, and starting to get together with other Pinoys who are also into it so we can organize weekend photo shoots and last month i enrolled myself in another course which is slated to start in April, to be taught by the same person who taught my basics course.

i sense that a lot of things are going to happen this year, to myself and to my friends. just look at faye and melanie who are getting married in december. fantastic news, isn’t it?




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