Odd Combo

16 01 2007

I had quite a busy weekend as it was my first stint in my team’s first oncall support rotation. Murphy’s law was at work that weekend as every program that could fail actually failed, on top of the server running at an agonizingly slow pace. But on the brighter side of things, as Net said, now that I’ve been through the worst, everything else will be “sisiw.” We’ll see…

Because of what happened I had to cancel on going to the season 2 of our group’s Amazing Race and on our first photo shoot. I didn’t really mind stuffing up the Amazing Race gig, what made me sad was the fact that I missed the photo shoot. I had to get my hand on the shutter no matter what. So when things with the oncall support quieted down on Sunday afternoon, I took the roses we just purchased for our flat, put it outside on the balcony, went down as low as I could to get close and just fired away. Oh I am really addicted.


I can really feel summer now. Today it was 39 outside and I felt like there was a fan blowing hot air in front of me. It is a kind of heat that stings your skin and since it is not humid here, you don’t sweat it out of your body. Melbourne is known for its amusingly fickle weather, as proof of that, check out the weather forecast for this week; today – 39, wednesday – 37, thursday – 31, friday – 34, sunday – 24 and on monday next week – 23. Told you this place would keep me on my toes, I can’t even be complacent with the weather.




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