8 02 2007

Or rather, we find it but do not touch it. i had this incredible desire to write this today…

if only reaching out to someone were so easy, i wouldn’t be squirming in my seat right now, staring at your name in my gmail contacts and fighting, somewhat mightily, the urge to click on that “Compose Mail” button and launch into a barrage of “how are you” and “how’s work going” and “where’d you go for the long weekend.”

if only you weren’t in another city in another state.
if only my gestures would not be misconstrued as the stalking kind.

if only i could turn this post into something self-deprecating and funny.


oh well.  my journal has enough of this kind of writing that i thought letting it spill over online would take some of the pressure off.






One response

14 02 2007

hala… valentines na! go great him! 🙂

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