St. Kilda and St. George

12 02 2007

Photo taken at yesterday’s St. Kilda Festival. Crazy fiesta of music, food and ridiculously expensive random stuff and because of the strong winds yesterday, we were forced to fork $25 for a pair of cheap sunnies to protect our eyes from the sand and dust while we were walking on the beach. Very expensive for something that you will only be using for a few hours.

I went there expecting to enjoy the music as the teaser said there will be several concert stages set up for different genres but I should have managed my expectations. The only highlight of it was the carnival ride that I took with Eva and which caused a few seconds of disorientation, but it was great fun.


I had a better time in the St. George Open Air Cinema last week. It’s an open-air movie theater parked in Birrarrung Marr along the Yarra River. The price is a bit steep but you get a spectacular view of the Yarra during sunset while having dinner or wine and some cheese.

We attended the screening for Little Children. It was relatively engaging and can be read in more ways than one and the way I read it is that it’s alright to long for a different way of life, one where you don’t feel trapped, but actually taking a step towards that alternative lifestyle is going to be made very difficult by the system (ho yes I can still be critical), you could lose your daughter while waiting for your lover to run away with you or you could get a serious concussion while skateboarding that you’ll eventually just resign yourself to wishful imaginings. Very grim I know hehehe. Go watch it so you can see it differently.





3 responses

19 02 2007

hi portia … i’ve been reading your blog and naaliw ako .. hehe … anyway, just posting to let you know na you take great pictures … nakakatuwa … all the best!

20 02 2007
Sean Fellowes

Brilliant Portia. Great to see you doning lots of things whilst down under.

Keep the blog coming.



20 02 2007

Thanks Sean!
Thanks Jazi!
Thanks for visiting =)

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