20 02 2007

I think I weird out a lot of people whenever I talk about my dogs. Most of them just smile and nod whenever I regale them with stories about my pups but I know that at the back of their minds they’re thinking I’m demented for loving canines more than the average person.

I can’t explain it and I don’t feel the need to anyway. We were raised surrounded by dogs and I can count in three fingers (not even one hand) the number of times when we had less than 5 dogs, very few and far between and I can attest that those years were not very fun.

In my life only my family and my dogs have the privilege to make me cry. Seriously, they even hold more power than my parents. I’ve never felt homesick since moving here, but I have cried several times because of dogsickness, if there ever was a term. If you’re my friend and I adore you as much as my dogs, then you’re in a good place buddy =) I’d choose my dogs over a boring afternoon with people I hardly know any day.

Yesterday I learned that our precious 3 month-old Alzeena has epilepsy and she’s had several seizures the past week. My parents have yet to take her to the vet. I did some research and it turns out there’s so little information about it, nothing specific, every diagnosis is variable. But I did learn that it’s not as debilitating as it sounds, she can still live normally. Reading about it was heartbreaking and by the end of one text, I was sniffing and tearful. I guess it comes with the territory, becoming a human to a pet is an amazing but fleeting experience, one that you take with the knowledge that they may go before you or that they may suffer from something that you can’t do anything about. But it’s all worth it, definitely.






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22 02 2007

i have great respect for people who love dogs… even if i can’t relate since i have this insane fear of dogs. but i like your dogs porsh (they have personalities), and i can’t wait to go to your house again 😉

22 02 2007

i’m more of a cat person than a dog person. but when our 10yr old askal balto died, we were very sad and depressed for some time. i mean, he has been a part of our lives for 10human yrs and that’s a long time to share a lot of memories. sometimes we still mistake the barks of other dogs as his and i carry a photo of him in my wallet… 😦

22 02 2007

hi net, you should definitely visit the house again, most of the pups you saw that time have grown, mas cheeky na ang personalities nila, and they didn’t get it from me hehehe.

nan! i know what you mean, we used to have achilles, a german sheperd, his death was as dramatic as ever, i swear, he waited for my kuya to come home before he went. as in when the car went inside the driveway, he stood up for a split second, he was very weak btw, then slowly laid down to finally go =(

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