edsa dos tres kwatro singko sais…

24 02 2007

what do you know, it’s been 20 years since the first edsa revolution. i wasn’t there when it first happened, my parents weren’t there, and going there never even entered their minds. whenever i would ask them why they never took part in it, they would shoot back with their incredulous faces, silently scolding me for having the gall to ask such a question.

when the second one happened, i was scared but i was there. three days i walked with my friends from UP kong mahal in quezon city to the edsa shrine. i think i still have the pair of sneakers i wore while walking through the part of edsa which stretches from east avenue to robinson’s galleria. waking up every morning and going to the amphitheatre to convene and listen to different speakers before heading to the shrine seemed like the most natural thing to do back then.

i have never felt that kind of high again. the sensations that course through your body upon arriving among throngs of people from different parts of the country who all share the same purpose with you was electrifying. the belief that you are doing something which transcends all the kind of love or affection you’ve every experienced in your life until that time was
wonderfully overwhelming.

that experience stayed with me for a long time and made me very idealistic. i continued to silently celebrate it until my first year as a “corporate slave.” i used to feel so guilty to be working for the private sector, used to think i would be a disappointment to a lot of people if they knew where i ended up after university. now edsa just represents a long wide stretch of road filled with traffic jams and dust and garbage. but i know the real challenge is to continue what you do after all the people have gone home, after all the noise has died down, even when no one is looking. the point is to still hold the same ideals even when you’re not surrounded anymore by the people who opened your eyes and even if your opinion won’t prove to be very popular. i can’t remember what got me started on this, oh yeah, it’s this one. if you’re manila go watch it, especially if you’ve been desensitized.Β  and yes, i fancy ping, big time ;P




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25 02 2007
Manuel L. Quezon III: The Daily Dose » Blog Archive » Edsa at 21

[…] an inspiration for future people power, which despite all that’s happened since can still be remembered as a high point in many young people’s lives. A very good observation is that if people power has been […]

25 02 2007

oooh my friends have been plugging this film! and now you got me more interested to see it. πŸ™‚

25 02 2007

hey sarah, go watch it, spread the word, use your connections, basta get as many people to watch it. and if by the time you visit us here again the dvd’s already out, please buy one for me, throw in a dvd of maximo as well and i’ll love you forever!

mr. quezon, thank you for mentioning this in your blog. that’s my best attempt at keeping this as serious as i can without gushing because a quezon just mentioned my humble journal in his (smiles sheepishly)…

26 02 2007

Ei, it gives me goosebumps thinking of those days -marching to Edsa Shrine from UP Oblation. I wonder what happened to the memorabilia we gave the UP lib for our Socio 199.1 class.

26 02 2007

What memorabilia? Oh the ethnographies we each did about our edsa dos experience! Oo nga, we should get a hold of that.

Remember standing on the Ortigas flyover and feeling it vibrate from all the people jumping up and down? Hehe astig. Extraordinary times.

26 02 2007
abe navarro md

wow portia!!!while reading your entries, it seems to show that living and working in another country so different from ours have led to many realizations. when i met you again last december, you were not the same portia that i knew back in college and post-college years… more imbibed with the hope of looking for idealism in a non-ideal world. sad that we didn’t have the time to converse more.. explore more!!! in a few months, i will be exploring too :0 can’t wait πŸ˜‰

and yes, ping is adorable πŸ˜‰

26 02 2007

i remember sneaking out of the house at night and driving all the way from fairview to EDSA to join the people gathered there, the walk from UP admin to EDSA, hearing people blow their horns in that now-forgotten rhythm, walking back to kamias to catch a bus home, wearing the black tshirts, helicopters flying overhead, confetti falling from office windows…sigh. talagang di na mauulit…still disillussioned after all these years…

27 02 2007

hey guys, i didn’t know one entry on edsa could generate this many comments. but yeah, it’s good to reminisce. those were indeed great times that we’ll never experience again. we’re lucky we were able to take part in it because words will never be able to describe it. hay. i miss UP, i miss praxis, i miss my roommates, i miss being agit and i miss being angsty haha. i even miss angas nights spent in sunken garden!

27 02 2007

more edsa dos moments: seeing jovito salonga in the flesh, catching the bags of bread being thrown by the people from the flyover to us who just arrived from UP, feeling the entire place vibrate from the crowd cheering “unibersidad ng pilipinas” whenever the UP contingent gets to the shrine, seeing all the creative, cheeky posters people made about tessie oreta and erap hehe.

28 02 2007

may kasalanan ako kasi i haven’t seen it. i hope it’s still on this weekend. anyway i’ll definitely buy those dvds for you when i go back there to visit! πŸ™‚

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