The Great Ocean Road

28 02 2007


One great saturday spent driving along and exploring the sights of the Great Ocean Road.

It was great fun spending time with great friends while being awestruck by the great seascape views. I had a great swim in a beach whose water was in great contradiction to the sizzling great heat that day. No surprise there as we were after all, on the Great Ocean Road.

I could say a lot more things about the trip, but I can only use the word ‘great’ so much without making the very few readers of this journal sick.

But seriously, it ranks second in my list of top trips I’ve had here in Australia. I know a lot of you know which ranks number one ;p.


Last Sunday, Alzeena passed on. I knew it was looming on the horizon the minute I learned she was sick. Well non-practicing Catholic sentiments aside, I hope she’s somewhere as beautiful as that photo. Dad told me not to feel too sad, as we never did anything but love her to bits when she was still with us. I feel for her brother Ali though, Dad says sometimes he hears him making crying sounds, like he was looking for her. I also feel for my parents, as they literally brought them up since they were born, feeding them milk from a bottle every three hours when they were newborns, as motherhood didn’t sit well with their mum. Oh well. Send a smile for her kids.






3 responses

28 02 2007

super nice photo shapor! not just great…awesome. 🙂

and i think i know which ranks one… 🙂

6 03 2007

can i use the word great to describe your pics? really, i think if i was there, i’d be writing poetry…

12 03 2007

thanks guys! nan, if you were there, you wouldn’t be able to find a spot to write poetry at, andaming turista hehehe.

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