no spring in my step

28 03 2007

If I were in Manila, shorter days would signal the start of the holiday season, here it’s a prelude to a season of even shorter days and colder temperatures.  I can take cold temperatures but I generally don’t thrive in gloomy skies.  It affects my mood.  Ever heard of seasonal affective disorder?  I may be suffering from that.

Have been feeling empty and irrationally angry the past days.  It must be the weather (that’s always a convenient scapegoat), must be the hormones or… it could be something legitimate and worth pondering over.  My parents have been very patient in walking me through this episode but over the past weeks I realized something that I feel very strongly about… no matter how resilient and strong a person appears to be, no one, absolutely NO ONE, has the right to treat her/him callously.  I did say I feel rather strongly about this right? ;P  Nuninuninu.  Ponder this, ponder that, it’ll be Easter soon, everyone will have enough downtime to contemplate.


Don Quixote and Kimi

21 03 2007

The ballet performance last Saturday was enthralling. I caught myself smiling several times during the performance because of how awe-inspiring the dancers were. And I was wrong, there were no stringent protocols in watching ballet… akala ko kase single file lang ang pagpasok sa loob, akala ko rin bawal humatsing at bawal suminghot ng malakas haha.

I can’t believe I even considered not going to the F1 last Sunday. That would have been a decision worth regretting for a lifetime because my gad, it was one huge adrenaline-pumping experience. Up until now I still can’t find words more accurate to describe it than P!T@NG INA ASTIG. The minute I stepped inside Albert Park and heard the high-pitched noises, I knew I was hooked.

I liken the thrill of watching those powerful, smooth, fast cars on the circuit to having 17 sinister and beautiful men tantalize you and fight for your attention, all at the same time. But hang on, they’re not simply visually attractive, but they’re also Harvard-bred species because this sport requires precise science and not hype. Every part involved from the driver’s
helmet down to the car’s wings have a purpose.

The entire experience was sexy in a dark, dirty, forbidden and intellectually-stimulating way.

But of course photographing the Grand Prix was a totally different story. Dark? In a way, yes, because now I am two shades darker with a farmer’s tan (i.e. the skin on my upper arms display two shades of brown). It could probably pass for dirty… and you should see my formerly white socks, at the state they’re in I can sell them to Tide or Surf to be used in those TV ads where they prove that their detergent can remove the toughest of stains. Namumutim talaga! It was still a good learning exercise though, in terms of finding good spots, focusing correctly, hand-holding for multiple exposures and getting down, tanned and dusty for good shots.

So yeah, this Australian Grand Prix is going to be an annual thing for me from now on, forever pencilled on my March calendar. And I also need to get more dresses for the next ballet gigs I plan to watch =)

Designer Dreams

14 03 2007

I’ve always had this dream of getting into the design field, be it through illustrations/photos, DIY crafts or interior design. I remember the summer before my last year in high school, me and my cousin ate Joan began calling interior design schools around the Philippines to inquire about tuition and application processes. Now I can’t remember why I got into sociology… Anyway, my childhood dream of becoming a wedding planner, I think, was fueled by the design aspect of it, and not the happily-ever-after illusion. A few years ago, I spent the idle months of my life post-university surrounded by hammers, small nails, light bulb (or globe as Aussies term them), wires and handmade papers creating table lamps. And when that didn’t suffice, I learned candle-making via the internet and was able to produce enough to sell them and create a name for the business complete with its own tag line and labels and packaging and its own financier/manager – my Dad hehehe.

I have almost forgotten about these now swept-aside desires until I came across her and her. Now the desires have been re-ignited and again I want to be like them when I grow up. Badly. Will someone find me a good course on graphic design or just design in general. Quick!


Got a haircut today in the Korean-owned salon a few buildings down our street. My stylist’s name was Bobo (don’t pronounce it in Tagalog please, lest it becomes demeaning). She’s one interesting character, very chatty, struggling with English but very warm and genuine. She had to translate her thoughts from Korean to English and then transform them into words but I liked talking to her. I have never met anyone as precise with cutting hair as her, I was beginning to think she wanted to render my comb useless by sculpting my hair so perfectly that I would never have to comb it again.

I love the way it turned out, and long hair is just not for me.


And I am going to experience my first brush with the high art of ballet this weekend because we are going to watch the Australian Ballet production of Don Quixote this Saturday. Fantastic.


12 03 2007

Happy women’s day!

Well it was the International Women’s Day last Thursday. Instead of posting an entry with a litany of theories on how women are oppressed and why they should not be, I’m thinking what can be better is to draw a list of ways we can actually help women all over. Feminist theories are not hard to learn and quote in a term paper, heck my professor in graduate school (where I only completed one term hehe, yes I’m officialy on AWOL) was even able to summarize the major ones in a matrix she wrote in only a fourth of our classroom’s chalkboard.

Actually putting these theories into practice is much, much harder, especially if even your most-loved friends and relatives are traditional at their core but you can help through here, here and here.

Without meaning to be preachy, I wish that wherever you are right now, man or woman, I hope you’re there because you chose to be there doing what you’re doing now. And seriously, a person’s genitalia should not limit what she or he can be or do.