12 03 2007

Happy women’s day!

Well it was the International Women’s Day last Thursday. Instead of posting an entry with a litany of theories on how women are oppressed and why they should not be, I’m thinking what can be better is to draw a list of ways we can actually help women all over. Feminist theories are not hard to learn and quote in a term paper, heck my professor in graduate school (where I only completed one term hehe, yes I’m officialy on AWOL) was even able to summarize the major ones in a matrix she wrote in only a fourth of our classroom’s chalkboard.

Actually putting these theories into practice is much, much harder, especially if even your most-loved friends and relatives are traditional at their core but you can help through here, here and here.

Without meaning to be preachy, I wish that wherever you are right now, man or woman, I hope you’re there because you chose to be there doing what you’re doing now. And seriously, a person’s genitalia should not limit what she or he can be or do.




One response

15 03 2007

AMEN to that 🙂 what is gender anyway 🙂

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