Don Quixote and Kimi

21 03 2007

The ballet performance last Saturday was enthralling. I caught myself smiling several times during the performance because of how awe-inspiring the dancers were. And I was wrong, there were no stringent protocols in watching ballet… akala ko kase single file lang ang pagpasok sa loob, akala ko rin bawal humatsing at bawal suminghot ng malakas haha.

I can’t believe I even considered not going to the F1 last Sunday. That would have been a decision worth regretting for a lifetime because my gad, it was one huge adrenaline-pumping experience. Up until now I still can’t find words more accurate to describe it than P!T@NG INA ASTIG. The minute I stepped inside Albert Park and heard the high-pitched noises, I knew I was hooked.

I liken the thrill of watching those powerful, smooth, fast cars on the circuit to having 17 sinister and beautiful men tantalize you and fight for your attention, all at the same time. But hang on, they’re not simply visually attractive, but they’re also Harvard-bred species because this sport requires precise science and not hype. Every part involved from the driver’s
helmet down to the car’s wings have a purpose.

The entire experience was sexy in a dark, dirty, forbidden and intellectually-stimulating way.

But of course photographing the Grand Prix was a totally different story. Dark? In a way, yes, because now I am two shades darker with a farmer’s tan (i.e. the skin on my upper arms display two shades of brown). It could probably pass for dirty… and you should see my formerly white socks, at the state they’re in I can sell them to Tide or Surf to be used in those TV ads where they prove that their detergent can remove the toughest of stains. Namumutim talaga! It was still a good learning exercise though, in terms of finding good spots, focusing correctly, hand-holding for multiple exposures and getting down, tanned and dusty for good shots.

So yeah, this Australian Grand Prix is going to be an annual thing for me from now on, forever pencilled on my March calendar. And I also need to get more dresses for the next ballet gigs I plan to watch =)




One response

22 03 2007

awww shapor kainggit! i had a taste of f1 when mel called me from the race track so i could hear the high-pitched sound of the f1s (is that how it’s called haha!). i wish wish wish i could watch a live one too! 🙂

ps: love the new look of the site! will check your f1 pics now…*kisses!*

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