no spring in my step

28 03 2007

If I were in Manila, shorter days would signal the start of the holiday season, here it’s a prelude to a season of even shorter days and colder temperatures.  I can take cold temperatures but I generally don’t thrive in gloomy skies.  It affects my mood.  Ever heard of seasonal affective disorder?  I may be suffering from that.

Have been feeling empty and irrationally angry the past days.  It must be the weather (that’s always a convenient scapegoat), must be the hormones or… it could be something legitimate and worth pondering over.  My parents have been very patient in walking me through this episode but over the past weeks I realized something that I feel very strongly about… no matter how resilient and strong a person appears to be, no one, absolutely NO ONE, has the right to treat her/him callously.  I did say I feel rather strongly about this right? ;P  Nuninuninu.  Ponder this, ponder that, it’ll be Easter soon, everyone will have enough downtime to contemplate.




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