The Dinner Party

1 04 2007

Last night we held our first dinner party at our flat. It was originally meant for Nancy & Paul, who arrived from Manila the other weekend, but it grew to a huge number which was a very pleasant surprise. It was a pretty simple dinner, we prepared garlic chicken and sinigang, Herbie brought tinolang manok, Bien contributed several pieces of bacon then Paulo provided the entertainment.

Even though I consider cooking as something that should only be as frequent as your twice-a-year holiday, I may start throwing small dinner parties regularly now. I am quite serious about this and today Melanie and I marched into Myer and bought two new sets of cutlery and 8 pieces of new Marie Clare dinner plates. I’m sure our guests last night enjoyed the food and the conversation but I doubt they appreciated having to bring their own set of cutlery and plates haha ;P.

Parties with heaps of people and loud dance music are good fun but I think intimate gatherings where you can have great conversations with friends are even better, not to mention great for the soul =)

Speaking of parties and dancing, after dinner we went to a pub in the city for Chie’s birthday drinks, wherein Faye and myself got properly smashed within an hour of arriving. I’ve forgotten the last time I had a good night out, getting drunk enough to laugh hysterically at even the corniest of jokes.





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