Post formerly titled Undas

7 04 2007


i must admit i’m feeling a bit homesick because of easter. it’s not that i’m ungrateful of the fact that i have a lot of friends here. it’s just that easter, next to christmas, is a family affair for me and celebrating it without them is a bit displacing.

i miss the heat during good friday, i miss dressing up for church with that scorching heat, i miss doing the stations of the cross with my aunts and cousins (the dads normally stay home to drink, they’re exempted from easter duties, unfair isn’t it?), i miss playing around the house/yard with my cousins, i miss eating ginatan at 3pm on good friday, i miss pre-cable channel days when all you had was the ten commandments and charlton heston to entertain you, i miss going swimming and ending lent on black saturday. i miss the good old days. i’m wondering if we’ll ever be complete as a clan, complete as in having the house full, with people lining up to go to the bathroom and meal times split into two sessions, one for the kids with the non-veggie dishes and another for the adults where all the vegetables and fish and non-kid-friendly stuff get dumped. it’s the usual story of the kids growing up and leaving town and starting lives, schedules and socials circles of their own. our parents must long for the days when they could just get us dressed and dump us in the car without fuss. i really miss home =(

Update: I have mistakenly called Easter Undas instead of Semana Santa. Adik.

Another update:  And for the record, I did have a fantastic Easter, even with a week of sleepless on-call nights.  Maundy thursday was spent dining at Taco Bill (this one’s better than the “Bell” variety) and bowling while Good friday was well-spent too with lunch at Eva’s apartment which extended to a movie marathon and dinner.  We had halo-halo for dessert and merienda, top that!  If you’re a relative of mine, before you go tell my mother how I’ve gone from bad to worse in fulfilling my Catholic obligations, please know that Australia’s a very secular society, so… so there.  Really, it wasn’t my fault… ;P




One response

5 05 2007
kuya mannix

when will we ever be complete again? hehehe. i like the picture of the veggies! so bright and full of colors. i would never thought of getting that shot. tagal din pala ko na di nakabalik dito. i guess just too busy discovering Boston. hehehe

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