happy camper

20 04 2007

My flatmate Melanie and I have decided that it’s time to move to another apartment, one more grown-up and can fit more people so we can invite friends over for dinner and finally accept overnight guests. You see, a lot of our friends are planning to visit us this year and stay at our house for several nights, so it’s only right that we have a nice place to welcome them into. There’s honestly no major, practical reason to move but I can’t see any reason why we shouldn’t either. Life’s too short and last time I checked, being impractical wasn’t yet punishable by law. Plus, the excitement of decorating a new house from scratch would do us a lot of good and give us something to look forward to and first on the list is filling the new house with tons and tons of artwork from indie artists, Melanie included hehehe.

I can sense that a lot of positive and wonderful changes are about to happen soon =). Or maybe I’m just really good at deluding myself but in any case, I’m at a point where I can welcome any change coming my way with wide-open arms.

And for an important piece of news, Melanie is celebrating her birthday on Monday, I’m sure most of you know her and have the link to her blog, so batiin nyo na sya na maligayang kaarawan. Daliiii.




3 responses

22 04 2007

ooooh where are you moving? aww i wish i could see it! *super crosses fingers!*

hehe…and yup, will greet melanie! :-p

23 04 2007

hi sarah, we’re not sure yet, we’re taking our time in choosing the new flat, it has to satisfy at least 80% of our list of requirements hehehe. we were eyeing this one in collingwood but a friend of ours said that that suburb is not safe.

you will see it! when you come visit us again =)

23 04 2007

Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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