Regaining my Religion

23 04 2007

Level 2 of my photography class has began and I feel alive again. I especially like this class by this instructor because he always focuses on the basics and he lets you know which items and knowledge you really need and which ones you can do without.

This is definitely one of the few things that gives me reason to wake up each day, especially with some of the uncertainties looming over my head these days. I don’t have to please anyone but myself when I’m photographing and I guess you could call it a religion because it defines who I am and how I want to live. Photographing is also a good opportunity to spend some alone time and express your thoughts through your images. My favorite shooting partner would be Marl (I know you’re reading this, don’t feel too proud of yourself haha) because he allows you sufficient creative space (wow, where did that phrase come from?!), we just meet up at the agreed location and then separate to do our own thing. We do not trail behind each other like kids clinging to their mothers’ skirts, which is great because we both have enough time to compose shots and enough space not to get into each other’s subjects. That and the fact that I don’t really have any other shooting partner haha.

The part I least like about it is the gear talk, I honestly don’t enjoy discussing about them and I’d rather wax poetic about photos, not about lenses and flashes. Besides, I do not have enough knowledge to contribute to any discourse about the latest camera models and lenses so I’d just be wasting people’s time. If I need a new gadget, I let the need/purpose drive what I buy and not what’s currently being hyped up.

Wow, I didn’t know this post about my photography class was going to be a mouthful ;P




2 responses

27 04 2007

kelan next photoshoot naten?! hehehe =)

29 04 2007

tama ako, binasa mo nga ang post na to, haha. hindi ko alam kung kelan, this weekend kung maganda ang weather? =)

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