good flat hunting

4 05 2007

I didn’t realize that apartment hunting can be emotionally taxing. So far melanie and myself have been on 6 different inspections (out here, the law requires the future tenant to inspect the property before signing the contract). 4 of those 6 were successful in that we actually got inside the unit and 2 we missed by 5 minutes, just 5 minutes. Imagine trekking all the way from the city and ringing the owner panting only to be told that the inspection finished 5 minutes ago…

To help us focus, I wrote down the things that we should prioritize and look for in a flat and stuck it on the fridge. Some units met half of the list, some didn’t even get to a third. We saw one unit today that we completely fell in love with, we sat for a long time on the large living area’s carpeted floor and stared at the view. The rooms were of equal sizes and both had great views of the city, the balcony was large enough to fit one table, a bbq grill and several comfy chairs. The kitchen had a counter which can double as extra table and seating and it was strategically placed. But truly, you can’t have everything, well not at the same time. The toilet was the only drawback but it was a huge drawback. It was separate from the bath and had no drain nor faucet. And if you’re Filipino, I know you will completely understand why that is a problem. It was a pretty hard decision not to apply for that unit, but man, the toilet would made our lives miserable.

We’re not rushing to move, and actually, if we’re going to be practical, there are a couple of decisions that we really should wait on before moving. We know that this wait will be worth it, that somewhere there’s a suburb that holds the perfect flat for us, with a large enough living area where we can put shelves to house the books that are currently strewn all over our cozy apartment, with its own laundry so we won’t have to schedule our wash days and collect one dollar coins like they were gold and with a properly placed toilet that will require no tabo and balde when there’s a need to go number 2 hehehe.




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15 05 2007

good luck madz! have patience!

11 07 2007

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