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24 05 2007

I haven’t written in so long I don’t know how to start this one and I can’t even think of a nice title. Winter is only a couple of weeks away and the temperature is becoming nipping each day.

The short photography course I took finished last week with a night shoot. I was a delinquent student by missing two sessions, including the last one where we receive feedback on our images. I’m not blaming anyone for my absences and the lack of enthusiasm is exclusive to the class and not to photography in general. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to experience shooting a pre-nup because Roch and Ariz were kind enough to trust me to photograph them. Happiness.

My flatmate Melanie and myself still haven’t found an apartment but there’s no rush, I’ll pick it up once I have enough energy and a bit more time to spare.

Work-wise, I guess things are as good as they can get, I have nothing to comment on as there’s nothing happening that I haven’t already experienced before when I signed up for this. The project is winding down so I may find myself job hunting again in a few weeks. We’ll see.

On the personal front (what isn’t personal these days?), I’m generally happy and contented with how matters are going. I’ve realized there are games I really can’t play and there are games worth stopping while there’s still time. Of course there will always be things to complain about, but they’re not that significant and at the end of the day, I still genuinely thank whoever is listening out there for allowing me the blessings that I have now.

There, progress report complete. I want to finish this post by saying “have a good life everyone” but that would read so morbid. Hmm who cares.

Have a good life everyone ;P




8 responses

24 05 2007

medyo morbid nga. natawa ako dun. hehe.

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